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10 best tech tools for charities and non-profits

The best apps and tech tools for charities and non-profit organizations

Published : January 30, 2023

Author : Craft Team

In the digital age, it is more important than ever for charities and non-profit organizations to harness the power of technology. Because of their unique requirements, non-profit organizations need specific tools. The best tools for charities or nonprofits are those that are easy to use, expand the organization’s reach, and are cost-effective. Here we have listed ten of the best apps for charities or nonprofits.

1. Craft | The App to Create Documents That Wow

Craft helps charities and nonprofits create documents that resemble the best websites in their visual appeal and organization. Quickly write and share eye-catching documents that bring in supporters and volunteers. You can get started for free, and also make use of our free templates to instantly produce what you need, for example, a company values document, a company wiki space or meeting notes.

Company Wiki Template
Use Craft's free templates to quickly create beautiful, shareable docs for your charity or non-profit

2. Canva | An App for Designing Graphics

Images and graphics are what get eyes on your social media posts and other marketing materials. For this, there’s hardly a better tool than Canva. Canva is a free app that makes it ridiculously easy to design beautiful images and informative graphics. With its library of over 75 million photos and over 3,000 fonts, Canva is an excellent choice for active nonprofits.

3. Slack | A Tool for Communicating with Your Team and Volunteers

Sometimes the traditional methods of managing a team and volunteers that come and go can be complicated and inefficient. With Slack, all this is easy. You can use this app to connect your team members and volunteers whenever you need to communicate with them. Also, like all good non-profit tools, it is free to use.

4. Coin Up | The App for Easy Donations to Nonprofits

This application is designed so charities and nonprofits can easily collect donations. On the user’s end, Coin Up is an app that allows people to round up their spare change at the end of each month and automatically donate it to the charity of their choice. For non-profits, this app can be an easy and free way to collect a few more donations.

5. VolunteerMatch | A Website for Finding Volunteers

VolunteerMatch is a website that serves as a database for charities and nonprofits that have openings for volunteers. It is free to join and easy to list opportunities.

6. Google Analytics | A Tool for Websites

Need to check if your charity’s website is getting views? Tracking online conversions and other website data is simple with Google Analytics. For most uses, this is free, but certain features may not be available without paying a fee.

7. Grammarly | An App for Editing Written Text

Grammarly is not just for students, academics, or professionals; it is for everyone that writes anything. For non-profits, it is a great, free tool for double-checking your editing before sending emails, writing newsletters, or posting on social media.

8. Toggl | A Tool for Tracking Time

For charities, Toggl is one of the best free tools for tracking how much time you and your volunteers spend on various projects. Time is money, so they say, and this is even more true in the non-profit sector. Toggl can help you determine where to spend that time.

9. DialMyCalls | A Tool to Automate Calls, Texts, and Emails

This tool makes it easy to communicate with donors to remind them about a fundraiser, thank them for a donation, or send a message about a recent matching donation opportunity. DialMyCalls has a free trial, but you will need to pay a small fee eventually.

10. Buffer | A Social Media Management Tool

For nonprofits and charities, regularly posting on social media is a must. The problem is that this can take time. Buffer is a free app that allows you to schedule social media posts ahead of time and will automatically post them for you, allowing you to spend more time on what matters most.


For charities and non-profit organizations, these ten tech tools can change the game. From managing social media to creating beautiful collaborative documents, there is a free app for all your needs. Start implementing some tech tools into your organization today.

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