4 exciting ways to use Craft's new YouTube embeds

Make your documents richer, more engaging, and more dynamic than ever with Youtube embeds in Craft.

Craft Author: Tom Norman
Tom Norman

Last week, we launched YouTube embeds as a way to make your Craft documents even richer and more impactful. This long-awaited feature has got a lot of people very excited…

Craft YouTube embed meme.jpg
Thanks Kate from our community for this awesome meme!

Here are four exciting ways that you can make the most of YouTube embeds in Craft.

Give your proposal a personality

When trying to win clients, it's vital to establish trust quickly. While text and images can do a good job, nothing's quite as powerful as video. 

While traditionally proposals are filled with text and graphics, it's videos that are likely to stick in people's minds for longer. Several studies show that a video does a much better job of capturing attention and leaving a lasting impression. Make sure your next client proposal is geared up to build trust, capture interest, and make an impact.

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Organize tutorials and courses

Whether you’re onboarding new team members, creating a course for your audience, or sharing study materials with students, Craft is excellent for building teaching materials. Break down complex subjects into digestible pieces using cards and sub-pages, and upload PDFs, images, and other course materials alongside your written content to give learners everything they need to study.

With YouTube embeds, your video content can live right alongside your course materials in Craft so learners can stay focused and avoid being redirected to another platform.

Add short clips to elevate step-by-step instructions, embed a third-party video to provide additional context, or just add some personality to your learning materials with a video introduction.

Exclusive content; on a red carpet

When building a brand and growing an audience, it’s important to reward engaged followers with exclusive perks and benefits. Craft Share Pages offer an elegant, professional way to create exclusive content for your followers, with YouTube embeds making that experience richer still.

Treat fans to behind-the-scenes footage or unique recordings. Embedding these unlisted YouTube videos in a well-designed Craft doc goes all-out on impact but all-in on simplicity. You can even password-protect these Share Pages for an extra taste of exclusivity.

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Richer research

YouTube is a treasure trove of lessons, tutorials, and courses and can provide a lifetime (or several) of learning. Whether you’re learning to play an instrument, speak a new language, or even build a house, YouTube embeds provide a way to make your study notes more dynamic.

Watch tutorials and take notes in the same distraction-free environment; great for convenient study without the rabbit holes. You can also use Craft to create a library of videos you're planning on watching, like Volodymyr from the Craft community who's teaching himself to play guitar.

Screenshot of new YouTube embeds in Craft
Volodymyr has created a video library of guitar tutorials


Keep your eyes peeled - we’ve got plenty of exciting updates still to come this year. Have you given our new YouTube embeds a try yet? Let us know how you’re using them in the community.

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