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How to give great customer service: guidelines for agencies

Bad customer service will quickly soil your reputation; learn how to please your clients and win more business through excellent customer support.

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Author : Sam Baldwin

The success of any business, large or small, is dependent upon providing the highest level of customer service. Bad customer service will quickly soil your reputation, whereas high praise will spread and lead to more business. So agencies of all sizes should invest in customer service and should use the following guidelines to ensure that they consistently provide the highest quality experience for their clients.

1. Develop a customer service policy

Every customer service interaction should be handled in a consistent manner. Agencies should create a policy that outlines the expectations for customer service, including response times, expectations for proactive communication, customer feedback, and dispute resolution.

2. Have a customer service team

Agencies should have a team of customer service professionals that is responsible for handling customer interactions. This team should be trained in customer service best practices and have the necessary resources to handle customer inquiries effectively.

3. Provide timely customer support

Customers should always be given timely responses and resolution of their inquiries. Each customer service inquiry should be dealt with promptly and any response should be provided within agreed-upon timelines.

4. Ensure customer satisfaction

Agencies should always ensure that customers’ needs are met and that they are satisfied with the customer service experience. Customer feedback should be gathered frequently and used to make improvements to the customer service experience. Having a place where customers can find information themselves will also increase satisfaction (and reduce your workload); consider setting up self-help areas and client dashboards to keep customers informed.

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5. Be proactive in customer service

Agencies should strive to anticipate customer needs and proactively provide customer service to ensure customer satisfaction. This could include offering additional services or discounts to customers or communicating with customers to proactively address any potential issues.

6. Use appropriate channels 

Agencies should use appropriate communication channels for customer service interactions and should strive to respond quickly and effectively. Customers should have easy access to customer service representatives and should be given multiple options for contact.

7. Prioritize customer service

Agencies should prioritize customer service and make sure it is given the attention it deserves. This includes making sure customer service resources are available, customer service representatives are properly trained, and customer service issues are addressed promptly.


By following these guidelines, agencies can ensure that they provide their clients with the highest level of customer service. Excellence in customer service requires a combination of policies, a dedicated customer service team, and proactive communication. Agencies that consistently provide excellent customer service will be rewarded with increased customer loyalty and positive customer experiences. Read more about how US Agency Truffl use Craft to win clients and run their workflows.


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