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How to create actions from meeting notes

Make your meetings more productive and focused by creating action points. Here's how...

Published : January 27, 2023

Author : Sam Baldwin

Creating actionable tasks from meeting notes is essential for staying organized and keeping on track of goals and just making progress. When discussing topics in a meeting, it can be difficult to turn the conversation into tangible tasks; many things are easier said than done. However, it's worth taking the time to create meeting notes that are easy to reference and set up tasks that can be followed up on to ensure progress is made. Ultimately - this will make your meetings more productive and focused.

1. Write down specific, actionable steps 

When creating meeting notes, it is important to note down tasks that are specific and achievable. Instead of noting down a broad goal, break it down into smaller, achievable actions. For example, instead of “improve customer service” write down “train customer service team on new customer service platform.” 

2. Assign a timeline to all tasks

Deadlines are crucial for making sure tasks are completed in a timely manner. When creating meeting notes, try to assign realistic deadlines to each action step to make sure progress is made.

3. Assign a person to each task

 If a task involves multiple people, assign the task to one person to be responsible for following up and ensuring progress is made.

4. Make sure each action is clear

It is important to make sure that each task is clear and understandable. Don’t just assume everyone is on the same page - make sure each task is laid out in detail.

5. Create a reference document

After creating the meeting notes and action tasks, create a separate reference document in which the notes and tasks can be accessed at any time. This way, everyone has access to the notes and tasks, making follow-ups easier. Consider creating an internal dashboard for your team to ensure everyone can follow progress of items discussed in your meeting. You can quickly set one up using Craft's internal dashboard template.

Internal dashboard template for agencies
Set up an internal dashboard to keep your team informed and on track


Creating actionable meeting notes is an important part of staying organized and ensuring progress is made. By writing down specific, actionable steps, assigning a timeline and a person to each task, and creating a reference document, it is easy to make sure that tasks are completed in a timely manner. With these simple strategies, it is easy to create meeting notes that are easy to reference and set up tasks that can be followed up on.

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