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5 tips for beating the challenges of working alone

Tips for freelance and remote workers to help improve well-being and motivation

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Author : Sam Baldwin

One of the main advantages of freelancing is the freedom it provides. Freelancers can often work the hours they want, don’t normally have to worry about commuting, and may even be able to work from anywhere in the world. Freelancers can also select the types of projects they prefer and often make more money than they would if they were employed by someone else.

But freelancing can also be lonely. Without regular colleagues to catch up with, online meetings can be functional rather than social. It can be hard to feel part of a team. And it can be tough to manage your time and stay motivated while working alone.

If you are working freelance or remotely, try these tips to help improve your well-being.

1. Create a workspace

Having a designated workspace can help to create a sense of focus and discipline. Make sure your work area is free of distractions and filled with materials that can help you stay productive.

2. Consider a co-working space

If you are the sort that needs other people around them, then joining a co-working space is a great way to get those social connections you require. You'll likely meet others in a similar position who are also looking for a network, and they are a great place to get general help and advice on freelance or remote working.

3. Set achievable goals

You’ll be more motivated if you have realistic goals that you can achieve. Break down any task into smaller, bite-sized pieces and set a timeline for completing each piece. This will help you to stay on track and remain motivated.

4. Mix up your tasks

If you’re working alone for an extended period of time, try to mix up your tasks. If you can, balance jobs that require deep thought, with more remedial tasks (such as doing your admin). This combination will help you avoid getting bored or burning out.

5. Take breaks

When you’re working on your own it can be easy to forget to give yourself a break. So set aside time for self-care. Go and make a coffee, go for a walk, prepare lunch or do a quick workout. This will make you more productive and help to alleviate stress.

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