Zoomed in, Zoned out

How the meeting-first approach is failing hybrid workers

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic catapulted businesses into a rushed transition most weren't adequately prepared for. And, while the swift pivot to remote work should be applauded, the subsequent shift towards hybrid work has seen many organizations revert to old habits and processes, including an over-reliance on meetings.

This new study, surveying 2000 U.S. hybrid workers, reveals a harsh truth: current meeting culture is falling short.

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However, the digital tools that facilitated our shift to remote work could also fix our meeting woes. Asynchronous communication, where updates are shared in writing for colleagues to review at their convenience, could be the game-changer we need. 

Dive into our report to understand the scale of the problem and explore how we can reshape meetings for the modern, hybrid workplace.

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