5 things to include in your staff welcome pack

A great welcome pack plays an important role in your new staff onboarding process. Here's what to include

Author:Marissa Bergen

Many companies end up losing employees because they don’t have the time to onboard them properly. When companies don’t make the effort to get new employees situated, they feel left out, frustrated, and confused. They may leave the company early on forcing you to start the hiring process all over again. This is even more true in an age of remote working.

This issue can be remedied with a comprehensive welcome pack. The package can be handed out to new employees so they can review it and learn more about their jobs and company policies. It will get them up to speed and save executives time they may spend showing new workers the ropes.

With a welcome pack playing such an important role in the onboarding process, it’s critical that includes certain essential items. This article will provide recommendations on what your welcome pack should contain.

An Employee Handbook

The employee handbook should contain all basic information about your company as it pertains to its workers. This includes:

  • Company structure
  • An outline of company culture
  • Communication channels used by the company
  • Corporate benefits
  • Information on paid time off
  • Working hours
  • General information about their role in the company

Handbooks may be printed out, available online or they may be provided in both formats. Use Craft's free employee handbook template to quickly create a beautiful document you can share.

Free employee handbook template
Create a beautiful online employee handbook with Craft's template

Log-In Details for All Accounts

It’s likely that employees will require access to the software programs and websites you use most often. The welcome pack should provide information on how to set up their passwords, or you may provide them with passwords that have been set up in advance. It’s not advisable to share this information on accessible documents, so you may want to use password management software to pass on these details.

A Welcome Letter

A welcome letter will be a nice added touch. Instead of taking a cookie-cutter approach, make your welcome letter as personalized as possible. Hand-write it and briefly mention details about the person’s position so they will feel like part of the team.


Employees will feel even more excited to start at your company if you provide them with swag items. These can include company swag such as shirts, bottle openers, etc. with your company name. You may also include wellness products, snacks, and gift cards and coupons as part of your welcome package.


Your workers will need various supplies to carry out their everyday tasks. Rather than making them bring in their own, or sharing supplies with other employees in the office, you can provide them with personalized tools. These may include simple office supplies like pens, pencils, and staplers, as well as tech gadgets like a laptop, computer, and Bluetooth headphones.

Final Thoughts

Employees will feel much more appreciated at your company if you include a welcome package in the onboarding process. It will provide them with the information and tools they need, and it will make them feel like part of the family.