7 tips for writing a winning consulting proposal

The proposal is your one chance to wow a prospective client. Here's how to do it...



Craft Author: Sam Baldwin
Sam Baldwin

Consulting proposals are an integral part of the consulting process. It's your big chance to wow a prospective client and win new business. Here are seven tips for writing a winning consulting proposal:

1. Research Your Target

Before you even start writing your proposal, you should familiarize yourself with your potential client. This means understanding their industry, their needs, and their goals. 

Go through their website, browse all their social media, read everything you can about them and request some time to speak with them to learn more about what they require. This knowledge will help you craft your proposal in a way that speaks to them and resonates with them.

2. Sell The Benefits

The main goal of your proposal is to convince the client to hire you. This is your one chance to wow them. So, ensure you clearly communicate the benefits of your services to the client, rather than just the features. Emphasize how you can help them and make sure the client knows exactly why they should choose you.

3. Show How You Will Quantify Results

To show the client the value of working with you, try to quantify the results of your services. For example, you can include metrics such as sales increases or cost savings to help demonstrate to the client the tangible benefits of hiring you.

4. Make It Organized and Concise

A successful proposal will be well-organized, clearly written, and concise. Avoid lengthy explanations and use bullet points and other visuals to convey important points quickly and easily. You can use Craft’s cards and pages to create a neat, easy-to-read client proposal document that will impress clients. 

Proposal Template Rich
Use Craft's free proposal template to create pitches that win clients

5. Include Success Stories

Include case studies, testimonials, and success stories from other clients to demonstrate your proven results. This will help the client understand the benefits of working with you. 

6. Proofread

It sounds like a no-brainer - but it’s still worth pointing out that before submitting your proposal, you must get it proofread for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. With so many free spelling and grammar tools now available, there’s no excuse for mistakes and your clients are likely to pass you over if they find that you haven’t bothered to check your work. You should also get at least one other person to check your proposal before you submit it. 

7. Follow Up

Once you’ve submitted your proposal, follow up with the client. This will show that you are dedicated to the project and interested in working together. But don’t follow up too fast! Give your client several days to look over your proposal before contacting them again - never pester a potential client.

Final Thoughts

Using these tips, you can create a winning consulting proposal that will help you win new clients. A well-crafted proposal can make the difference between a successful consulting career and one that falls short. Make sure to put the time and effort into crafting an effective proposal that focuses on the value you bring to the client.