How to market yourself as a consultant

5 tips for marketing yourself as a consultant

5 tips for marketing yourself as a consultant

Marketing yourself as a consultant is an essential step in establishing yourself as an expert. Prospective clients will need to be made aware of your services and what sets you apart from the competition. There are multiple strategies for marketing yourself as a consultant, and each one should be tailored to fit your field and target market.

1. Leverage your personal and professional network

Networking is a great way to market yourself as a consultant. Especially if you are just starting out, letting your network know you are available should be your first form of marketing. Reach out to people in your field, attend industry events, and join relevant forums. Use LinkedIn to alert your network to what you are offering, and don’t shy away from asking people to share your post in the search for relevant opportunities.

2. Establish your personal brand

Your personal brand should be tailored to your skillset and appeal to potential customers. This means crafting a unique logo, creating a website, and/or setting up a LinkedIn profile. The goal is to make sure that your name and credentials stay top of mind with prospects and employers.

3. Create content

Content is vital for marketing yourself as a consultant. Create helpful and informative blog posts, videos, social media posts, and podcasts. This will help you showcase your knowledge and demonstrate your expertise to potential clients. It’s important to offer something of value to others, rather than just spam people’s feeds with thinly-veiled adverts for your services. The more you can give to others, in terms of interesting, helpful, or entertaining content, the higher your chances of being remembered and referred to the next time sometime requires services that you offer.

4. Develop a reputation

A good reputation is invaluable in marketing yourself as a consultant. Be sure to meet deadlines, stay communicative, and provide quality work. Word of mouth is an invaluable source of marketing, and a good reputation will help clients spread the word about your services. Combine this with your content marketing, and you will start to build a solid foundation that will attract more clients.

5. Utilize online advertising

In an ideal world, your networking, content marketing and reputation may be enough to bring more than enough work. However, advertising online can also increase your visibility to potential clients. You can use Google Ads or Facebook Ads to reach the right target audience. Additionally, you can create online press releases to increase your visibility and reach a wider audience.


By following these tips, you can successfully market yourself as a consultant. Your goal should be to create a personal brand and make yourself seen as an expert in your field. Leverage your professional network, create content, develop a good reputation, and utilize online advertising to reach potential clients. With dedication and planning, you can create a successful consulting business.