Craft For Freelancers

Turn up, log in, show off

From idea to implementation to impact, Craft gives you the kit to make your work shine

Peak productivity

All that time you’re wasting playing the field with other apps? Let’s pretend it never happened.

When we’re officially an item, fast – not furious – is the name of the game.

Project proposals, weekly reporting, process planning, or monthly forecasting; you’ll ace it all in Craft’s fabled UI, one beautiful, uncluttered, space where you’ll find everything you need to crush the essentials quickly and efficiently.

You’ll never stray again.

Effortless organization

Lots of ideas, thoughts, and plans tend to live in lots of different places, making idea-to-execution a pain in the proverbial.

Time to ditch the drama and head for your sweet spot in Craft where organizing projects is effortless.

A single source of truth, a birds-eye view of everything you’re working on, and a far far better way to reference everything when the time comes, Craft empowers you to join the dots across your work so you never miss another beat.

... and work your clients will love

Goals to meet? Impressions to make? Clients to convince? Then say adieu to average, and hi to ‘hell, yes!’.

Create, captivate, and elevate average to eye-popping so you can make an impact where it counts.

Dozens of beautiful templates, a fabulously feature-rich toolbox and endless ways to create in your own unique way, wherever you’re working from, whatever device you’re working on, give your work wings and engage the people that matter.

Conversion Copywriting

“As a very busy freelancer, Craft helps me manage my workload from idea to execution, without having to use a ton of other apps. Seamless across my devices, ultra-easy to use, and fabulous-looking templates, it’s the one tool in my productivity stack that I absolutely wouldn’t be without. I love it – and my clients love it too!”

Pauline Fyfe, Conversion Copywriting
Pauline Fyfe
Conversion Copywriting
App Store Best of2021 Mac App of the Year
Apple Design AwardsFinalist in 2021

Take impactful to a whole new level

Always with you

Organize any time, anywhere across your entire ecosystem – on or offline

Easy to use

Just open, write and organize – no interruptions, no heavy-lifting, no steep learning curve

Works your way

Personalize to your heart’s content – you run the app, not the other way round

Powerful Features

Blocks, tables and markdown, subpages, cards and bi-directional linking – Craft is jammed with brilliant features that make styling and formatting a breeze

Get in or get out

Super-fast import and export – and easy handling of multiple file types

Offline first

Native iOS stores content on your devices, so you’ll never lose your flow

Beautiful sharing

Quickly share with your clients, across your team – or just with your BFF

You’re not alone

Probably the best app community in the world

We’re here to help

The best support team in the world. Period.