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Empower everyone to be better connected, with a directory that’s perfect for the modern world of work, where distributed teams and remote working are both on the rise.


An employee directory should be an asset for a workplace. It’s a home for important information about colleagues, like their job title and how to contact them. It may also contain guidance about how things are organized, which is always good to know.

Despite this functionality, too many employee directories seem to end up being ignored!

Empower everyone to be better connected, with a directory that’s perfect for the modern world of work, where distributed teams and remote working are both on the rise. You can add even more information about each employee, ask them to write a bio so their colleagues can get to know them more easily. Build a directory that looks beautiful, with seamless sharing built into it.

What information goes in this employee directory template?

As a baseline, an employee directory contains individuals' profiles, their job titles and contact details. And sure, you could make a traditional employee directory like that, using this template. That's because Craft is intuitive, enabling you to work the way you want to, with no coding skills needed.

But this template also gives you the power to supercharge internal communication by building a directory that’s truly optimized for today’s workplaces.

Make your employee directory a platform for the new ways colleagues communicate, such as via video call tech like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, or messaging tools like Slack and Yammer. It’s simple to add links to as many software tools as everyone uses.

And because this template is lightweight, colleagues can easily access it anywhere. That's perfect for the world of remote working that’s emerging fast in sectors like tech, in which people may use different computers from their colleagues.

And with seamless sharing at its core, this Craft template is a doddle to distribute among colleagues, meaning there’s no reason for anyone to be out of the loop.

Why build an employee directory with this template

You want to be able to share easily and efficiently with colleagues upon request, or when new starters join the team. Craft is simple to use, easy to navigate, and seamless to share. Your ideal companion in the office.

This template utilizes Cards to make it more visual. Add photos and links to create a directory with genuine value and which pops on screens.

Saved this doc in your Craft Company Wiki so people can find it easily (find out more about our company wiki template here).

You can also easily 🖨️ print this document to ensure it's always at hand, or share it easily via 🔗 Secret Link.

How to use this employee directory template

  • Create a folder called ‘Templates.’
  • Create this template document and give it a title, not forgetting to add ‘template’ to make it easy to find, later.
  • Add relevant content, curate an experience that looks beautiful.
  • You are ready to share!

Extend your employee directory template

With Craft, it’s super easy to keep your company’s directory up to date. Editing is a cinch, which is ideal for when new joiners arrive, or people move on.

Because Craft is so highly collaborative, you can empower colleagues can update their profiles and even add biographical information.

And of course, Craft uses Cards, meaning you can create a beautiful employee directory as many new sub-documents as you like, as the company grows.

Employee directory can be used as a standalone tem

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