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Don't forget to save and share all the memories from your team events with this Company Event Write-Up template in Craft.

Company Event Write-Up

Record and share memories of your company events with this free company event write-up template.

What is a company event write-up?

A company event write-up is a written and or pictorial record of a company event. It could include memories, learnings and pictures of a team building or company workshop event.

Why create write-ups of your company events?

Writing up a company event and sharing it with your teams is a great way to make a record of your event for future posterity. Team members can hear the perspectives of their colleagues, add their own memories and share their learnings.

It's also a way to share the experience with those who were not able to attend.

When should you create an event write-up?

Whenever your company has run an interesting event - you can create a write-up. For example, a team building event, a workshop or a charity day.

What should a company event write-up contain?

A good company event write-up contains some of the following elements:

  • Dates and type of the event
  • Photos of the event
  • Attendees thoughts and impressions of the event
  • Any learnings people took from the event
  • Links to relevant information

How to use this event write-up template

  • Create a folder called ‘Templates.’
  • Create this template document and give it a title. Remember to add ‘template’ to make it easy to find later.
  • Add your content. Be sure to create an experience that looks beautiful.
  • You're ready to share

Sharing and maintaining your event write-up documents

Once you have created your company event write-up, publish it online and share it with your company via the 'share to web' function.

Get this free company event write-up template here.

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