Crafting the Future - Craft 3.0

After our Summer update, I wanted to share our thoughts and excitement for the future of Craft - and how it will supercharge your daily workflows.


This year is when Craft will live up to it's original vision - which we wrote up 6 years ago. That's a long time - and a lot longer than we thought it will take. But great tools need time to be built - and refined.

Today, Craft is the best place to write, organize, share and present. It provides an experience across iOS, MacOS, Web, Windows and VisionOS which enables you to get in the flow - and focus on what matters, your thoughts. You can structure and organize documents with cards, pages and toggles in ways which is not possible in any other tool - and create content which is easier to understood than any other format. People using Craft for their everyday workflows span across age groups, countries and professions.

Students use Craft to capture deep class notes which they can easier understand. Pastors use Craft to plan, create and present their sermons - while real estate agents can create beautiful personalized pages for their clients on the go.

The power of Craft is that you don't need to be a "technical" person to use it. Anyone who knows how to use a phone or a computer can easily get started. This is something which is deeply important for us - and will keep in front and center as we continue to develop its capabilities.

But Craft has been designed from the start to become much more than "just" a tool for writing. It has been built to seamlessly mix structure with free-form - and as a result become powerful yet expressive and simple to use at the same time.

Craft, under the hood is a database - blocks are records inside that database. During the last 5 years our focus has been around blending this powerful technology into an easy-to use product, so you can have a frictionless writing experience. It took us time, but great software takes time. Moving forward we will start to surface structured data capabilities this enables.

This will help you to break outside the document - organize your world and build workflows in a way that has never been possible before. Enabling to build your personal or team knowledge base in ways that fit you and your team's needs - and add workflows on top of it.

It’s the perfect time to do this - the advancements in AI and LLMs make it possible for us to build this experience to feel simple, fluid and natural - accessible across all devices - just as with everything else in Craft. 

This will be Craft 3.0, but really, it's going to be what we wanted Craft 1.0 to be.

I can't wait to share more during the coming months.


Interested?