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Craft for HR and People Teams: how we do it
Craft enables you to create beautiful HR documents to share with your team. We reveal how we do it at Craft HQ.
Craft those Travel Plans this Summer!
From dreaming of far-flung places, to organizing every detail of your trip. From capturing stunning holiday spectacles, to keeping your nearest and dearest up to date, Craft really is tremendous for travel!
From Pastors To Pomodoro Playlists: 6 amazing uses of Craft
Discover a few of the ingenious uses of Craft by our community, from pastors to podcasters to playlist compilers as we showcase their Craft work.
Lasers, Racers & Extreme Sailors
Our Offsite Adventure on Lake Balaton
Craft - The Origin Story
Every product has it's story - and we're happy to share ours. Hear the details behind the inception of Craft from Balint Orosz, Founder and CEO of Craft.
Your Data is Yours - Our thoughts on Data Ownership and Accessibility
Data Ownership and Accessibility is a question of high importance for both our users and us, one we take very seriously. Learn more about the details here.

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