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Craft For Events

Baby Shower Invitation
Create beautiful looking baby shower invitations online and share with your friends using this baby shower invite template.
Bachelorette Party
Create eye-catching bachelorette party invitations online and share with your friends using this baby shower invite template.
Bake Sale Event
Get more people to your bake sale by creating an eye-catching online invitation about your event that you can share online with this free bake sale template.
College Charity Society Event
Create eye-catching college charity society invitations online and share with your friends using this college charity society invite template.
College Society Event
Create eye-catching college society event invitations online and share with your friends using this baby shower invite template.
Conference Microsite
Create an eye-catching microsite for your conference and share it with your audience using this free conference microsite template.
Graduation Party Invitation
Create eye-catching graduation party invitations online and share with your friends and family using this free graduation party invite template.
Halloween Party Invitation
Create eye-catching online invitations for your halloween party and share with your friends using this free Halloween party invite template.
Kids Party Invitation
Create eye-catching kids party invitations online and share with your friends using this free party invite template.
Naming Ceremony
Create beautiful looking naming ceremony invitations online and share with your guests using this naming ceremony invite template.
Party Invitation
Create eye-catching party invitations online and share with your friends using this free party invite template.
Sorority / Frat Party Invitation
Create eye-catching online invitations for your Sorority or Frat party and share with your guest list using this free Sorority / Frat Party invite template.
Tech Event Meet-Up
Create eye-catching online invitations for your tech event meet-up and share with your attendees using this free tech event meet-up invite template.
Wedding Invitation
Create beautiful looking wedding invitations online and share with your guests using this wedding invite template.
Work Leaving Party Invitation
Create eye-catching online invitations for a work leaving party and share with your colleagues using this free work leaving party invite template.

Craft For Students

Student Wiki
Create a student group workspace to collaborate with other students, using this free, collaborative online workspace.
Assignment Planner
Plan assignments, organize your thoughts and develop a clear assignment outline with this free assignment planner.
Class Notes
Write and organize your class and lecture notes beautifully, with this free class notes template.
Student Reading List
Curate and update your personal reading list with this free reading list template.
Group Assignment Workspace
Plan assignments, organize your thoughts and develop a clear assignment outline with this free assignment planner.
Student Rental Information
Store important information about your student apartment, dorm or house, and share it with your roommates or family, using this free apartment information and moving checklist template.
Party Planning
Organize a party to remember and create beautiful online invitations with this free party planner and invitation template.
Meal Planner
Plan your meals and create shopping lists with this free meal planner and shopping list template.
Student Journal
Record your student experiences - and share them with family and friends, if you want to - with this free student journal template.


Design Portfolio
Adapt this Design Portfolio template to fit your own skills, experience, work and education so you can land that dream job
Adapt this Design Resume template to fit your own skills, experience, work and education so you can land that dream job
Personal Website
This template makes it easy and hassle-free to make your personal website. With Craft, you don’t need to know how to code to build one. Just use this template as your website.
Apartment Listing
Easily create a website for your apartment listing. Include pictures, description and detailed information for potential buyers. Share it easily with a few clicks.
Job Offer
Make your job offer stand out with this template. Include details of the offer, and any additional attachments. Protect it with a password to make sure only intended people can access it.
Links Collection
Organize your links so you can always find them when needed. Share the entire document, or only sections of it with others.

Craft for HR and People Teams

Employee Handbook
With Craft's staff handbook template, you can quickly and easily create an online handbook which is easily sharable with your employees via a link.
Personal Development Review
Give great feedback to your team with this personal strategy review template, it helps you to write and share easily with your team.
Welcome Pack - before your first day
Write and share your Welcome Pack for your new team members with this template.
Onboarding Process
Ensure your new team members have everything they need for a successful start by creating a beautiful Welcome Pack that can be easily shared in Craft.
30/60/90 day plan
Align with your team on what the most important goals are with our easy to share 30-6-90 day plan template.
Company Values
With Craft's company core values template, you can quickly and easily create and share a beautiful document with all your employees.
Employee Directory
Employee directories are a great way of quickly finding the information you need for someone in your team. Craft allows you to create a beautiful employee directory which can be easily kept up to date.
Team Events
Don't forget to save and share all the memories from your team events with this Company Event Write-Up template in Craft.
Events Roadmap
Getting the team together to build great working relationships with this Event Planning Template which is easily shared with everyone in your team.
Job Description Template
This template helps you to create and share a beautiful job description to attract the best people for your team.
With Craft's company company policy template, you can keep all your procedures and rules easily up to date in an easy to find space for the whole team.


Goal Tracking
Manifest your goals in a beautiful way with this goal tracker template. Track the progress you make and boost your motivation. With this template, it's easy.
Recipes Collection
This template is perfect for keeping all your favorite recipes in one handy document. You can whip up a sweet, succulent, or spicy storm in the kitchen, whatever the occasion.
Reading Journal
This reading journal template is a great way to track your journey through the bookshelves. You may also surprise yourself with how far you go; a good read can be a voyage of personal discovery, too.
Gratitude Journal
Use this gratitude journal template to record the things you’re grateful for. Doing so may help counterbalance any negativity and empower you to see things 'sunny side up'.
Flower Planting Diary
Keep track of when your flowers bloom and how long they last. This can help you plan your garden so that you have a continuous display of flowers throughout the season.
House Plant Care Notes
Keeping your house plants looking fresh and healthy takes a little (but not too much) care. Use this template to record notes about how to help your flora thrive.
Rentals Inventory
Bring order to your digital rental and inventory documents. Have peace of mind that your paperwork is secure in one location, with this Craft template.


Company Space
This template is the perfect platform for centralizing company information in one easy-to-find place. You don’t need to know how to code in order to create this valuable and lightweight resource that’s simple to set up and easy to use.
Employee Directory
Empower everyone to be better connected, with a directory that’s perfect for the modern world of work, where distributed teams and remote working are both on the rise.
Handbooks and Policies
Create a home for all your company handbooks and policy documents in one location. It's also a great visual showcase for this key information, that's easy to share with colleagues.
Team Events
Preserve memorable moments at work the way you want and in a way that looks beautiful, with this Craft template.
Team Reading List
Having a list at work of mind expanding books can inspire colleagues and boost their skills. Use this template to create a shared list inside your organization.


All Hands Meeting
Create impactful company announcements that are seamless to share and which people notice and remember, with this template. Present any announcement in the best possible way.
Weekly Team Update
Make sure everyone in your team is aware of what's happening across the business. This template is perfect to showcase weekly progress and planned activities.
Daily Standups
Record daily progress and make it accessible to the entire team. This will foster more transparency and collaboration among your teams.
Meeting Notes
Make sure everyone is on the same page - share the agenda, capture action points and distribute among all attendees of the meeting.

Friends and Family

Travel Wish List
There's nothing quite like the feeling of anticipation that comes with planning a trip. The excitement of imagining all the amazing places you'll go and things you'll see is one of the best parts of travel.
Travel Plans
Use this template to help take the stress out of traveling. Look forward to some refreshing time away, or to a successful work trip with no unwelcome distractions.
Travel Journal
If you love to travel and want to capture share your experiences traveling the world, then writing a travel journal is for you!
Travel Blog
This travel blog template is a great way to share your photos and stories with friends and family, and it’s also a great way to build an audience of like-minded people who love to travel.
Virtual Post Card
With Craft there is no need for tracking down stamps, simply take out your mobile and craft that perfect virtual postcard.
Gift Tracker
Capture ideas on the go for ideal presents with this template, so you always remember when inspiration strikes. Add links to products you find online.
Cook Off Challenge
Use this template to host a cook off challenge with friends and family. Record dishes, scores, and easily share between all attendees.
Restaurant Wishlist
Take the stress out of choosing where to eat, with this restaurant wish list template. Create your own bespoke list of must-try restaurants you can access and update easily, any time.
Subscription Tracker
Record which subscriptions you sign up for and avoid being caught out when free trial periods end. With this subscription tracker template, you can easily check when a subscription is coming up for renewal.
Chore Chart
Creating a chore chart for your household can seem like a daunting task, but it can be a very helpful way to keep your family organized and on track.


Architecture Proposal
Share proposals for complex technical problems with this template. Breaking the proposal down to multiple sections ensures clarity and helps your audience to follow your thinking.
Competency Framework
Create a competency framework which allows individuals within your organization to see the big picture, while also being able to dive into the details.
Design Showcase
Creating a design showcase document is a great way to communicate your design process to clients, employers, or colleagues.
Job Posting
Create a beautiful and effective job posting with this template. Customize it to match your brand, and easily update it on the fly.
Release Notes
Collect changes and new features for your product releases with this template. You can than easily share it with your users and team.
Technical Post Mortem
Conduct an efficient post mortem which will drive the right actions all the way from tactical to strategic decisions.

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