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Travel Itinerary

Use this template to help take the stress out of traveling. Look forward to some refreshing time away, or to a successful work trip with no unwelcome distractions.

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Travel Itinerary Template

For many of us, taking a work trip or going on holiday involves some important preparation, unless you’re one of those light travelers who only need a toothbrush and a passport.

Usually, there’s a list of tasks that need doing in advance; from selecting a destination and choosing the right place to stay, to checking your travel documents are in order or booking pet care.

Get organized with this travel itinerary template by Craft. Prepare the perfect holiday or work trip by building a to-do list and then tick off the actions, in advance. Do your research about going ‘off the beaten track’ and store it all on this template.

Use this template to help take the stress out of traveling. Look forward to some refreshing time away, or to a successful work trip with no unwelcome distractions.

What could you put in this travel itinerary template?

A trip can be a complex project to organize because there are lots of things to take into account, such as where you’ll be staying, restaurants to try, and of course your poolside reading.

Other elements you may want to add to this template include research for needed vaccinations, options for health insurance, an itinerary of activities you want to experience, must-see locations, and so on.

As well as research, there’s usually a list of tasks you can’t forget, such as asking a friend or neighbor to feed your pet, or turning off the heating to save on energy bills while you’re away.

Basically, if something should be done in advance, then it belongs on this template!

Why use this travel itinerary template?

With this Craft template, you can work the way you want. Create a travel plan that’s tailored to your trip. This travel itinerary template is versatile enough, no matter how complex planning gets.

Craft makes sharing seamless, so it’s easy to share this template with others.

Collaboration is built into this Craft template, meaning everyone can get involved when you’re planning a holiday with friends or family. Your companions can add comments and suggestions about destinations, accommodation and activities - and they don’t need a Craft account to do so.

You can also easily print this document to ensure it's always at hand, or share it easily via a link!

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How to use this Travel itinerary template

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