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Work smarter, not harder

Don’t stress about writing the perfect essay or report. Get the help you need with Craft AI Assistant – the smartest assistant at your fingertips.

Instantly improve your writing with powerful AI technology, and take your documents to the next level. Say goodbye to tedious editing, and get the help you need, when you need it!

Simply type in your text, and watch as your words get transformed into something amazing.

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Don’t just process words – build documents

Craft brings structure to your documents – and gives you the tools and freedom to do it your way. Seamlessly combine images, text, media or tables for the perfect experience.

Drive deep understanding and engagement by allowing the reader to consume your document just as they would a website.

Add your brand and personal touches on top for the perfect document.

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Big on impact, teensy weensy on effort

Organizing your workflow, writing your report, creating your code or mapping your masterplan; whatever you’re doing, the freedom to do it your way matters.

Tables, toggles, markdown and blocks, back-linking, forward-thinking, in, out and shake it all about - Craft’s ingeniously rich feature-set gives you endless possibilities to love how you work.

Just click and create for amazingly beautiful docs in minutes, then bring it all together in your own unique way.

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One beautiful experience.  All of your devices.

At your desk, on the go, on or offline, enjoy Craft’s powerful performance and legendary UI across your entire toolkit, courtesy of the native app experience.

Lose the lag and fall in love with instant sync; quickly jump into any document on any device; and free your creativity with the same beautiful experience whatever device you’re on.

We’ve even got a web-based app so you’ll never drop the ball again.

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And plenty of ways to share the love

Why keep your brilliant work to yourself when we’ve made it really simple to share?

Secret Linking, shared spaces, external guests, and fast, easy export; inspire action across teams, clients, and everyone who’s anyone with the kind of content that’ll make you look way more wow than yet another Google Doc. Or Word doc. Or (insert app you’re using here).

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Join the millions of people in the Craft community that we’re helping to get life done.

Cause:Effect Creative

“I express visionary ideas with poetic power. So does Craft. No more settling for subpar tools to think, share, and collaborate. Me and my clients deserve better. That’s why we use Craft.”

Profile Image Of: Anita Stubenrauch, Founder, Cause:Effect Creative
Anita Stubenrauch
Founder, Cause:Effect Creative

“Craft helps me collaborate with my team across time zones and geographic boundaries. It’s our go-to app for staying organized and keeping our projects on-track.”

Profile Image Of: Peter Thomas, CEO, Averetek
Peter Thomas
CEO, Averetek

“Craft enabled me to articulate our company strategy in a way which hasn’t been possible with any other tool. This enabled our teams to be more aligned, and execute at 10x speed”

Profile Image Of: Istvan Csanady, CEO, Shapr3D
Istvan Csanady
CEO, Shapr3D
TMA Method

“100 requests, 10 clients, 1 Craft. That’s how it’s done. No need to juggle different systems and hope one works. Easy and intuitive for myself and my clients.”

Profile Image Of: Abdallah Hammad, Business Developer, TMA Method
Abdallah Hammad
Business Developer, TMA Method

Take impactful to a whole new level

Always with you

Organize any time, anywhere across your entire ecosystem – on or offline

Easy to use

Just open, write and organize – no interruptions, no heavy-lifting, no steep learning curve

Works your way

Personalize to your heart’s content – you run the app, not the other way round

Powerful Features

Blocks, tables and markdown, subpages, cards and bi-directional linking – Craft is jammed with brilliant features that make styling and formatting a breeze

Get in or get out

Super-fast import and export – and easy handling of multiple file types

Offline first

Native iOS stores content on your devices, so you’ll never lose your flow

Beautiful sharing

Quickly share with your clients, across your team – or just with your BFF

You’re not alone

Probably the best app community in the world

We’re here to help

The best support team in the world. Period.

Get Inspired

Extraordinary individuals; unexpected stories. Meet the people around the world using Craft to elevate everyday life.