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Meeting minutes

Maximize the effectiveness of meetings with this Meeting Minutes template.

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About this Meeting Minutes template

Meeting Minutes are a written record of the conversations and decisions made during a meeting. They are used to document the progress of a project, the action items assigned to each team member, and the follow-up steps needed to ensure the project is completed.

This Meeting Minutes template is designed to help you quickly and easily create a comprehensive record of your meeting. It includes sections for:

  • Date and Time – to document when the meeting was held.
  • Attendees – to list who attended the meeting.
  • Agenda – to provide an overview of the topics discussed.
  • Decisions – to capture any decisions that were made throughout the meeting.
  • Action Items – to assign tasks and set deadlines for follow-up.
  • Notes – to capture any additional information.

What are Meeting Minutes?

Meeting Minutes are documents that capture the key decisions, discussions and actions that take place during a meeting. They can be used to keep track of the topics discussed, decisions made, action items assigned, and any other important information shared during a meeting.

Meeting Minutes should be shared with all attendees after the meeting, so that everyone is aware of the decisions and action items that were discussed and agreed upon. They should also be shared with members of the team who weren’t available to attend the meeting to catch up on what was discussed.

When to use Meeting Minutes?

If possible, Meeting Minutes should be taken for as many meetings as possible. That’s because meeting notes help you to make the meeting more efficient by capturing action points clearly and effectively and by encouraging meetings to be more structured.

You might choose to use Meeting Minutes in work meetings, but they can also be useful in personal settings too. For example, hobby groups like chess clubs or sports teams might have meetings with actions to be taken.

How to use this Meeting Minutes template

  1. Before your meeting, complete the sections about Location, Attendees, Objective and even Agenda Items. This can be sent around to all attendees in advance for them to prepare or add notes of their own.
  2. Choose a designated scribe to make note-taking easier. They will be responsible for the next steps.
  3. Take comprehensive notes throughout the meeting, including topics discussed and any decisions made.
  4. List any action items and assign a responsible person for each task.
  5. Include deadlines for action items and make sure everyone is aware of when these are by the end of the meeting.
  6. Share the meeting minutes with all attendees shortly afterwards, so everyone is aware of the agreed upon decisions and tasks.
  7. Ensure that the meeting minutes are easily accessible and can be updated or referenced at any time.

FAQ About the Meeting minutes Template

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