Starfish retrospective

Unlock your team's potential with this Starfish Retrospective template, designed to encourage team problem-solving and the development of a continuous improvement mindset.

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About the Starfish Retrospective template

This template is designed to elevate the way your team conducts retrospectives. It encourages collaboration and provides a clear structure for feedback, therefore helping your team communicate in a clear, transparent way and productive way.

What is a Starfish Retrospective?

A Starfish Retrospective is a systematic approach to evaluate team performance, gather insights, and identify areas for growth and improvement. It involves categorizing feedback into five sections: 'start,' 'stop,' 'continue,' 'do more,' and 'do less.' The goal is to collaboratively review the current processes and consider how the might be improved for future projects and sprints.

When to use a Starfish Retrospective?

The Starfish Retrospective is best used at the end of a project or a sprint, but it can also be used as a regular check-in for ongoing projects. It is particularly beneficial for professionals keen to optimize team performance and create a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

How to use the Starfish Retrospective

1. Set the scene: Begin by explaining the purpose and objectives of the retrospective. Emphasize the importance of open communication, respectful feedback, and the shared goal of continuous improvement. Make sure team members understand that this is a safe space for constructive criticism and mutual growth.

2. Brainstorm: Each team member independently writes their thoughts for each of the five sections (Start, Stop, Continue, More, and Less), drawing on their experiences from the most recent work period.

3. Share and discuss: Each person shares their thoughts for each category, fostering an open discussion. Encourage understanding and respectful dialogue about each point raised.

4. Action planning: As a team, identify and agree on a set of actionable steps based on the feedback. Record these decisions for implementation and evaluation in the next sprint.

FAQ About the Starfish retrospective Template

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