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Starfish Retrospective template in Craft

Starfish retrospective meeting agenda

Unlock your team's potential with this Starfish Retrospective template, designed to encourage team problem-solving and the development of a continuous improvement mindset.

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What is a starfish retrospective meeting?

Do you want to boost your team’s performance, but you’re not sure where to start? A starfish retrospective meeting helps teams review their performance through a unique lens of five categories: "Start," "Stop," "Continue," "More," and "Less." The objective is to foster an environment of transparent dialogue, enabling teams to spot strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

Transform team meetings with starfish retrospective

Instead of being a typical team gathering, the starfish retrospective meeting acts as a force for positive transformation and elevates team spirit. This meeting format encourages open dialogue in a non-judgmental setting, allowing everyone to bring their perspectives to the table. Whether it's praising good practices, identifying stumbling blocks, or brainstorming fresh ideas, the starfish retrospective serves as a mirror for your team's performance. It cultivates a sense of shared responsibility and helps to align the team on priorities and goals.

What's inside this template?

Our starfish retrospective meeting agenda template provides a comprehensive framework to make your next retrospective a hit. It’s divided into five main sections:

1. Start: Jot down new strategies or techniques that could make your workflow sing.

2. Stop: List any obstacles or unproductive habits that are keeping you from peak performance.

3. Continue: Identify effective habits to make them a permanent part of your team’s routine.

4. More: Highlight activities or practices that you'd like to ramp up.

5. Less: Point out what might be overused and could be scaled back for more efficiency.

Plus, we've thrown in examples for each category to spark your creativity and give you a jump-start.

Ready to transform your team?

Unlocking the full potential of your team starts with effective communication and well-structured meetings. Our starfish retrospective meeting agenda template is designed to facilitate exactly that; providing a comprehensive framework for identifying both strengths and areas for improvement. Give our template a go and transform the way your team collaborates, evaluates, and grows.

Boost post-meeting productivity with this starfish retrospective meeting notes template that clearly outline next steps.

FAQ About the Starfish retrospective meeting agenda Template

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