Commercial lease agreement template in Craft showing instructions.

Commercial lease agreement

Optimize your commercial leasing with our concise, legally-comprehensive commercial lease agreement template. Elevate your leasing experience now.

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Embarking on a commercial leasing journey can be complex and overwhelming. Our Commercial Lease Agreement Template is here to demystify the process, offering a structured, user-friendly approach. Designed to protect the interests of both landlords and tenants, this template is your essential tool for a clear and mutually beneficial leasing arrangement.

What's inside this commercial lease agreement template?

  • Lease term and rent details: Clearly defines the duration and financial terms of the lease, ensuring transparency and understanding.
  • Property use guidelines: Outlines the permissible uses of the property, aligning expectations and preventing conflicts.
  • Maintenance and repair responsibilities: Clarifies the division of upkeep duties, promoting a well-maintained property.
  • Sublease and assignment conditions: Specifies the terms under which the tenant can sublet or transfer the lease, maintaining control and consistency.

Take the stress out of your next lease

With the start of any new lease you want to minimize the chances of things going wrong — it’s important to be as clear as possible and reduce the chance of disputes later.

Our Commercial Lease Agreement Template is a pathway to smooth and successful commercial relationships. Whether you're a landlord seeking to safeguard your property or a tenant looking for a fair and transparent lease, this template is tailored to meet your needs, promoting a harmonious business environment.

Benefits of our commercial lease agreement

  • Efficiency: Saves time with a ready-to-use, customizable format.
  • Adaptability: Versatile enough to fit different leasing scenarios and property types.
  • Protective measures: Offers both parties a solid legal foundation for their leasing agreement.

Give it a try for yourself

Try our commercial lease agreement — you'll gain peace of mind, knowing every detail is accounted for — from lease duration to maintenance responsibilities.

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