Company Values Template

Company values

Express your company values in a clear, inspiring way. Integrate them directly into your company's culture for a united and purpose-driven team.

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Why have company values?

Core values play a crucial role in guiding a company through changing markets and organizational challenges. They form the foundation of a team's unity and influence the decision-making within a company. For businesses that want to distinguish themselves, having clear core values is essential. These principles align teams, drive motivation, and serve as common ground that can unite an organization in pursuing common objectives.

Benefits of the company core values template

Visibility and access

With this template, your values are not hidden away in an onboarding manual, soon to be forgotten, but instead placed front and center where they can be a constant reminder for your team. This ensures that your values remain in the active consciousness of your organization, acting as a guide for both daily decisions and long-term strategies. By ensuring these principles are readily accessible, you encourage a culture where values are actively practiced and integrated into daily operations.

Streamlined clarity

With an eye for simplicity and style, the core values template transforms company ideals into a neatly organized visual landscape. It's crafted to present each value with clarity and impact, ensuring that every team member can engage with the guiding principles effortlessly. The design fosters a seamless integration of these values into the daily workflow, promoting a unified and vibrant company culture.

Enhanced decision-making

The company core values template goes beyond visual appeal to fundamentally enhance the decision-making process. It serves as a tangible touchstone for employees when they face choices, big and small. This benefit lies in its ability to clarify what the company stands for in moments of uncertainty, allowing employees to choose paths that are in alignment with the overarching principles of the business. By providing a clear reference point, the template helps to reduce ambiguity and indecision, fostering a culture of confident and consistent decision-making throughout the organization.

Key components of the template

  1. Simplicity and actionability: The template encourages simplicity and action, providing a framework for values that are both memorable and influential in day-to-day activities.
  2. Authentic reflection: It prompts companies to create values that mirror their culture and aspirations, ensuring authenticity in what the company stands for.
  3. Team inclusivity: There’s a focus on team input, fostering a sense of ownership and commitment to these values across the organization.
  4. Dynamic evolution: The template is designed to evolve, prompting regular reviews and updates to keep the values relevant and reflective of the company’s growth.

Take the next step

Don’t let your values be afterthoughts, make them the foundation of your company's future. Give this template a try and start developing a company culture enriched by common values. Steer your team towards a future where every decision and action aligns with what you truly stand for.

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