Concept map meeting notes template in Craft showing instructions, and the meeting objectives section.

Concept map meeting notes

Elevate your startup meetings with this concept map meeting notes template. Better document the outcomes, and make sure the result are actionable.

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What is a concept map meeting? 

Think of a concept map meeting as a strategic huddle crucial for your startup's success. It uses visual aids to clarify and connect different aspects of your startup’s mission, goals, or projects, making complex ideas accessible to the entire team. Drawing or "mapping" these concepts creates a holistic picture everyone can understand. Knowing how to take efficient meeting notes for this type of gathering is crucial as it gives your team a visual point of reference to return to after the meeting.

Prepare for a productive concept map meeting using our concept map meeting agenda

Tips for writing good concept map meeting notes

Taking notes in a concept map meeting is like building a bridge that connects everyone's ideas. It's an essential step to make sure everyone's on the same page, not just during the meeting but also for future reference. Here are five tips to help you do just that:

Clearly state the meeting objective: Make sure to jot down the primary goal of the meeting. This becomes the central point around which all other details will revolve. For a concept map meeting, this could be mapping out your startup's entire go-to-market strategy or something as specific as the development plan for a new feature.

Capture main concepts and sub-concepts: Record the primary concepts discussed, but don’t stop there. Also note the related sub-concepts, as these provide a better understanding of the larger ideas. When discussing product development, for example, list out related sub-concepts like user testing, prototype design, or feature prioritization, therefore providing more context to each concept and improving overall team communication.

Document relationships and connections: One of the hallmarks of a concept map meeting is that it makes you think about how various ideas and strategies are connected. Therefore, make sure to note down how, say, your product development affects your go-to-market strategy. This is valuable information for decision-making down the line.

Summarize discussion points: While the visual representation of the concept map is vital, words can add layers of meaning. Capture key takeaways, areas of contention, or suggestions. For example, if there's a split opinion on your market strategy, that's important to note for future discussions.

List action items and responsibilities: Before you finish up, list out what needs to be done next, who is responsible for each task, and if possible, the deadline for each action item. This ensures that everyone leaves the meeting with clarity on the next steps.

What's in this template?

Our template includes the following customizable sections to help you write useful and insightful meeting notes:

  • Meeting objective: Capture the primary aim of the Concept Map Meeting.
  • Main concept(s) identified: Highlight and describe the main concepts and related sub-concepts.
  • Relationships & connections: Document connections between concepts identified during the meeting.
  • Discussion points: Mention key takeaways, areas of contention, or suggestions.
  • Action items & next steps: List out tasks agreed upon and assign responsibilities.

Ready to give it a try? Using this template will help streamline the note-taking process for your next concept map meeting, ensuring a shared understanding among all team members. The first step to achieving your goals is understanding them, and what better way to do that than by mapping them out?


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