Daily note template

Add this template to your calendar and get started on your daily notes. Write down your reflections, keep a record of your progress, and find ways to improve your workflow.

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What are daily notes?

Daily notes are your regular daily updates that are linked under a date in your calendar. They're a space where you can reflect on the day, keep a record of your work, and track your habits. Keeping consistent with writing daily notes will over time let you build your own knowledge hub that can inform your decisions, and help you optimize your workflow.

What's in this template?

Customizable sections: You can customize each section of this template to suit your needs.

  • Priorities: Start by reiterating your day's top objectives.
  • To-do list: Create a checklist for all your tasks that you can tick off as you go. You can easily move any uncompleted tasks to another day's note by navigating to the status indicator at the top right of the daily note.
  • Mood tracker: A space to acknowledge how you're feeling today, helping you improve self-awareness and track your well-being over time.
  • Habit tracker: A checklist helping you track habits you're trying to build. Tick them off as you go to make sure you stay consistent, and reach your goals faster. 
  • Today's notes: A section to write down your thoughts, describe the day, and reflect on your work. This section is arranged into pages to help you better organize your thoughts. If you're using daily notes for work, include all important updates, insights about your tasks and projects, and any thoughts about your workflow or overall efficiency. You can also link any relevant documents from your workspace, such as projects and meeting notes.

Make an impact

Make it a habit: The best way to make the most of your daily notes, and build a comprehensive knowledge hub, is to make sure you stay consistent. This way you can really track your progress, find ways to get more productive and make informed decisions about your workflow.

Track your progress better: This template comes with a checklist where you can tick off your tasks as you complete them. This way you can not only keep track of what you've accomplished that day — but also improve your motivation and satisfaction.

Get a comprehensive view of your personal and work life over time: Use your daily notes as an opportunity to write down all your thoughts and reflections, describe your day, or share important updates about your work. With this template, you can organize your notes in pages so you can include as much detail as you want while keeping the size of your note manageable. The more comprehensive you are when writing your daily notes, the more benefits you'll get from looking back at your timeline. It helps you keep a more accurate record of your thoughts and important events, make meaningful adjustments to your process, and get more satisfaction from your work.

Link documents from your workspace: To make the most of your daily notes, make sure to link any relevant documents, pages, tasks, or projects from your workspace in Craft. This way, whenever you look back on your daily notes, you can easily find more information about what you were working on. Your completed or backlogged projects can easily get lost in your workspace so be sure to keep a record of them in your daily updates so you can get back to them later.

Use this template to create your first daily note, and get started on building your own knowledge hub with a record of your personal and work life. Try it today and keep the memory of your thoughts and important events, track your habits, manage your tasks, and gain insights into your workflow.

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