A daily planner template in Craft showing instructions and today's priorities.

Daily planner

Build your schedule and plan your day with this daily planner template. Never miss an appointment, get all your work done, and set yourself for a more productive and efficient day.

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Plan your days with a daily planner and create a plan of action that helps you increase your productivity, and get all the work done. By clearly outlining your schedule, defining priorities, creating a checklist for your tasks, and tracking your habits every day — you can start the day strong and make sure you achieve all your goals. With a daily planner, you will never miss a deadline or an appointment again, and improve efficiency and work satisfaction by keeping track of your progress throughout the day.

What's in this template?

Customizable sections: All sections in this template are fully customizable, so you can adjust them to suit your planning needs.

  • Today's priorities: Outline your main priorities for the day. This helps you set the tasks and align your efforts with laid out goals.
  • Today's schedule: Write down the time of all your meetings and personal commitments. This way you can see the snapshot of your day at a glance, and never miss an appointment.
  • To-do checklist: Create a checklist for your daily tasks. If you need to add more details or steps, you can put your tasks on a page and add as much information as you want. Make sure to tick off completed tasks in your checklist to keep track of your progress throughout the day. And, if you add this planner to your daily note, you can quickly move unchecked tasks to another date by navigating to the status indicator at the top right of the daily note.
  • To email/call: Create a list of people to want to contact. Include their email addresses or phone numbers so you can quickly access all the information you need to reach them faster.
  • Habit tracker: Customize this list with habits you want to track, helping you achieve your personal and professional goals, and stay consistent with your routine.

Key benefits

Plan your day and stay organized: With this daily planner, you can plan your day with a clearly outlined schedule, a list of priorities, a checklist of tasks, and details of people you need to get in touch with. By creating a plan for your day with this planner, you can make sure you never miss an appointment or a deadline —  helping you stay organized and productive throughout the day.

Develop and track your habits: The best way to stay healthy and productive is to build good habits. This template helps you make sure you stay consistent by letting you tick off what you've achieved with a checklist. This helps you stay motivated and consistent, leading to an improved and more productive lifestyle.

Make sure you get all your work done: With this template, you can set your tasks at the beginning of the day, and make sure you tick off completed ones as you go. This way you can see how effective you are at a glance, and keep optimizing your workflow. If you're planning your day at work with this planner, you can link tasks or pages from other docs, letting you dive deeper into the details when necessary.

Easily move uncompleted tasks to another day: If you add your daily planner to a daily note, you can easily move unfinished tasks to a new date by navigating to the status indicator at the top right of the note. This helps you maintain flexibility and control over your workflow, helping you adapt to the day's dynamics without losing sight of uncompleted tasks.

Take the first step toward a more organized and productive day with this daily planner template. Lay out your objectives and your plan of action to help you focus on the priorities, reach your goals for the day, and get all the work done. Give it a go and let this organized approach to daily planning maximize your productivity.

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