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Decision log template in Craft showing instructions.

Decision log

Discover how our decision log template can streamline your decision-making process for better project management and team alignment.

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The decision log template is designed to streamline the process of making decisions, ensuring that every significant decision is recorded, tracked, and easily accessible. This tool is perfect for project managers, team leaders, and anyone involved in decision-making processes within an organization.

What's inside this decision log template?

The decision log template is designed to be simple yet comprehensive. Here's a breakdown of its components:

  • Decision maker(s): Here, you'll note who made the decision. It could be an individual or a team, providing clear accountability.
  • Description: A concise summary of the decision. This helps everyone quickly grasp what was decided without needing to delve into the details immediately.
  • Rationale: Perhaps the most critical part - the reasoning behind the decision. This section sheds light on the ‘why’, providing context and justification.
  • Action items: This column lists the tasks that need to be completed as a result of the decision. It’s a straightforward way to ensure that decisions lead to action.
  • Status: Keep track of whether the decision is pending, completed, or deferred. This helps in monitoring progress and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.

Connect your decisions to achievements

Our template isn't just about logging decisions; it's about connecting those decisions to your goals and achievements. By keeping a clear record, you can reflect on past choices, learn from them, and make more informed decisions in the future. This leads to improved team alignment, better communication, and, ultimately, a more successful project or business operation.

  • Easy to use and adapt: Whether you're working on a small project or managing large-scale operations, this template is flexible and easy to adapt to your specific needs.
  • Encourages accountability and transparency: By documenting who made what decision and why, our template fosters a culture of accountability and transparency within teams.
  • Improved stakeholder communication: Keeping stakeholders in the loop is vital for their continued support and interest in the project. A decision log keeps them informed about all major decisions and how they were made, so they can stay up to date even if they weren't in the room at the time of the decision.

Take control of your decision-making process

It's time to have a clear, accountable record of every significant decision, providing valuable insights for future projects and new team members — try the template for yourself.

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