Engineering dashboard

Get organized and maximize your efficiency with this engineering dashboard template.

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Manage your projects and stay organized with this engineering dashboard template. This comprehensive workspace helps you stay organized by keeping everything you're working on  β€”  from individual tasks to large projects β€” all in one doc. Here, individual tasks are not just listed but organized efficiently β€” making them easier to manage and complete. This way you can always see the big picture, make informed decisions and optimize your workflow.

What's in this template?

πŸ”— Smart links: With smart links, you can embed your individual task or project tickets from Linear, GitHub, or Jira. They will display important information about the ticket β€” like its description, status, category, and assignee. This way you can see the most important details about your ongoing tasks and organize them into categories in a single doc.

✍️ Tasks: Keep track of every task, ensuring nothing gets missed. Each task, whether it's assigned, in the backlog, or completed, has a designated place in this template to help you stay organized. Having a single space for all tasks helps your focus and productivity, making it easier to manage workloads and deadlines.

πŸš€ Projects: In this template, your ongoing and completed projects are all easily accessible with smart links. This way, you not only save time but also improve project visibility, making it easier to navigate between different ones, keeping track of your progress, and planning the next steps.

πŸ—“οΈ Sprint timeline: Embed your sprint timelines from Figjam and view them in the doc. Keeping it visual simplifies sprint planning and tracking, and allows you to instantly view your progress β€” ensuring that every sprint is moving forward as planned.

πŸ“‘ Notes: You can keep all your meeting notes in one place by organizing them in pages in this doc. It lets you quickly access all valuable information and insights from one place β€” giving you a more comprehensive view of your work.

Key benefits:

All-in-one workspace: Say goodbye to scattered information. This template lets you keep all your tasks, timelines, and project details in one place. That gives you easy access to everything you're working on, helping stay organized and streamline your workflow.

Task management: This dashboard template helps you make big jobs feel less overwhelming by splitting them into smaller tasks categorized by their status or importance. It helps to keep track of your progress, prioritize important tasks, and make sure nothing is forgotten.

Strategic review: With this template, you always see the big picture. It helps you strategize better, plan your time more efficiently, and always know what needs to be done next to keep your projects moving in the right direction.

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