Figure storming

Explore figure storming: a creative brainstorming method enhancing problem-solving with diverse, innovative perspectives. Ideal for teams and leaders.

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Innovative problem-solving with figure storming

The figure storming technique, a novel approach to brainstorming, offers an engaging and creative way to tackle challenges and generate ideas. This article delves into the benefits, key components, and overall importance of figure storming, aiming to inspire readers to adopt this method for more effective problem-solving and idea generation.

What is figure storming?

Figure storming is a brainstorming method where participants imagine how various famous or notable figures would approach a specific problem or challenge. This approach is especially effective in fostering innovation and diverse perspectives, as it encourages participants to step outside their usual thinking patterns and consider solutions from a variety of angles.

Benefits of using the figure storming technique

  • Breaking barriers: Figure storming helps in dismantling mental barriers and fixed mindsets. By envisioning how different figures - with their unique experiences and expertise - would tackle a problem, participants are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones. This method pushes individuals to look beyond conventional solutions and consider a wider array of possibilities, fostering a mindset that is more open to unconventional ideas and approaches.
  • Diverse viewpoints and inclusivity: This technique naturally fosters a broader range of perspectives by having participants adopt the viewpoints of figures from different backgrounds, eras, and fields. This inclusivity of thought not only broadens the scope of ideas generated but also promotes a deeper understanding and appreciation of diverse viewpoints in a team.
  • Improved team collaboration and engagement: Figure storming makes brainstorming sessions more engaging and dynamic, as participants enjoy the novelty of thinking like someone else. This can lead to increased participation, enhanced team dynamics, and a more collaborative brainstorming session as team members build on each other's ideas, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose.

Key components of the figure storming template

The template for figure storming includes several essential components:

  1. Setting the scene: This involves describing the problem or challenge in detail, providing a clear context for the brainstorming session.
  2. Choosing figures: Participants list down famous or notable figures from various fields – such as Steve Jobs, Marie Curie, or even a familiar leader like a manager – to use in the brainstorming. This encourages diversity in thinking.
  3. Figure storming rounds: In each round, a figure is selected, and participants discuss how this figure might approach the problem, fostering imaginative and out-of-the-box thinking.
  4. Insights and ideas: This section is dedicated to recording innovative ideas or insights that emerge from each round, with a focus on actionable items and unique approaches.
  5. Action plan: Finally, the best ideas are developed into a concrete plan, with assigned tasks and set timelines.

Why figure storming is important

Figure storming is an invaluable tool for a wide range of professionals who aim to boost their problem-solving skills and creativity. It's particularly advantageous for project managers navigating intricate projects, creative teams in need of fresh ideas, business strategists formulating new strategies, and educators looking to foster critical thinking in their students. By breaking down mental barriers, figure storming facilitates a more holistic and inclusive approach to problem-solving, making it an essential method for anyone facing complex challenges and seeking diverse, innovative solutions.

Give our figure storming template a try, and experience firsthand the power of innovative and empathetic problem-solving. Implementing this technique in your next brainstorming session could be the key to unlocking groundbreaking ideas and solutions.

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