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Gratitude Journal

Use this gratitude journal template to record the things you’re grateful for. Doing so may help counterbalance any negativity and empower you to see things 'sunny side up'.


The best things in life can be easy to take for granted. Boost your mood and mindset by using this gratitude journal template to record what you’re grateful for, each day.

There’s often lots to be grateful for in life; from little things like a freshly brewed coffee in your favorite café made just the way you like it, to big things like the huge, chubby cheeks of a baby niece or nephew who brings the cuteness to any occasion.

Use this gratitude journal template to record the things you’re grateful for. Doing so may help counterbalance any negativity and empower you to see things 'sunny side up.'

What counts as material for this gratitude journal template?

Turn negatives into positives, like when a challenging situation doesn't turn out as badly as you feared. Things rarely go as disastrously as our anxiety leads us to predict. Maybe that's something to be grateful for.

Using this gratitude journal template may help you discover new insights which you can use to grow as a positive influencer.

For example, did you recently enjoy success at work as part of a team in which you delivered, big time? Expressing gratitude for colleagues’ input, as well as relishing your own contribution, is a way to become more attuned to others. Empathy like this is a superpower in many workplaces.

Get in touch with fleeting moments that pass quickly, but which affect you in some positive way. We experience so many sensations, but we hardly notice many of them. Begin to understand this part of yourself by capturing positive sensations with this gratitude journal template. The sight of small boats sailing in a stiff breeze, the sound of children playing, a tree whose leaves have turned a blazing red color as the season changes. Which passing moments make existence seem extra nice?

Why use this gratitude journal template?

Research in the US found that keeping a gratitude journal for two weeks led people to experience more positive feelings and optimism. In this way, recording the good things in your life with this template may be a simple way to boost your wellbeing.

It's understandable to zoom in on bad things that happen, day to day. Our minds can start racing as we turn events over in our heads and we beat ourselves up for saying something we regret, or for not behaving differently. A gratitude journal is a way to process events and to start to see them differently. Who knows, you may discover a silver lining!

You can easily 🖨️ print this document to ensure it's always at hand, or share it easily via 🔗 Secret Link.

How to use this gratitude journal template

  • Create a folder called ‘Templates.’
  • Create this template document and give it a title, not forgetting to add ‘template’ to make it easy to find, later.
  • Add relevant content, curate an experience that looks beautiful.
  • You are ready to share!

Extend your gratitude journal template

It’s okay to repeat yourself in this gratitude journal template if you feel grateful every day to your barista. This template has as much space as most gratitude journals need.

Add photos and videos which prompt you to feel grateful. With this template it’s easy because Craft empowers you to work the way you want.

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