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Habit tracker

Use this fun habit tracker to track your most important habits; become more productive in life and at work.

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The small actions you take on a daily basis add up to make a big impact on your overall life. Building the right habits makes it easier to create more positive, healthier, and more productive routines. This template was created by Volodymyr, a product designer from the Craft community.

Make it your own

Volodymyr included three different examples of daily habits that he tracks depending on the amount of physical activity he has planned. He divides his days into “rest day”, “run day” and “workout day”. From exercise goals to eating better; from learning new skills to making time for hobbies, you can customize this tracker to help you focus on the routines and habits that are most important to you. 

Simply beautiful

This template combines simplicity with a striking visual elegance. Volodymyr chose emojis to bring his template to life, but you can add extra depth to your habit tracker by giving it a background or cover image. The key to building a new habit is actually showing up and doing it - Craft lets you design a habit tracker that you want to show up to day after day. 

One-click accountability

Craft makes it really easy to share your habit tracker with friends or family. This extra dose of accountability gives you that extra bit of motivation to stick to your goals. It is like having a support group right there, encouraging you, holding you accountable, and celebrating your milestones with you.

Your future self will thank you

It's sometimes tough to see how small daily habits actually make any notable positive difference, but they do. By writing your habits down and noting your progress you can look back and see how far you've come. No matter what you're trying to achieve, it can be broken into small bite-sized habits that you can complete daily. 

As Lao Tzu said: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Whether your journey begins with a step, a push-up, a healthy meal, or taking a class, it's through small, regular actions that you can finally reach your “thousand-mile goal”. 

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