House Plant Notes Template

House Plant Care Notes

Keeping your house plants looking fresh and healthy takes a little (but not too much) care. Use this template to record notes about how to help your flora thrive.

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House Plant Notes Template

So you’ve decided to add a welcome dash of greenery and color to your home or workspace by introducing some house plants. Creating a mini natural oasis certainly enriches any environment.

Keeping your house plants looking fresh and healthy takes a little (but not too much) care. That's why Craft has created this template. It's ideal for recording notes about how to help your flora thrive.

Of course, many indoor species are pretty sturdy and low maintenance. But it’s always nice to have some good, green-fingered advice to hand. That’s precisely what this template is perfect for.

What counts as house plant care?

There are important factors to take into account before you move your new house plants into their new home. For example, how much natural light does the space contain and how much care will the plants realistically get?

Some house plants prefer low light, like Bird’s Nest Fern and Maidenhair Fern - which also need watering every few days. At the other end of the solar spectrum are Dwarf Citrus, Succulents, and the Ponytail Palm. They're sun seekers and can't get enough of solar rays.

It’s details like these that are worth noting in this template. You can record all the characteristics of any houseplant on this template.

Or perhaps you fancy a house plant that shares your passion for coffee. Yes, there are species of houseplants that love coffee. The reason is that coffee grounds trigger a natural process in soil, which creates a special ingredient some plants love.

Nitrogen in the grounds promotes microorganisms that make the soil more acidic. This suits some houseplants perfectly, like Christmas Cactus, African Violet, and the Snake Plant. There are also plenty of other plants that are coffee heads, such as any one of a thousand species of the Impatiens genus.

Why keep house plant care notes in this template?

Craft is your companion for caring for your house plants at home, or at work. Use it to keep all the information you need in one convenient place. You can also add graphics, charts and tables - anything you need! This template can handle almost all types of media.

This template also has sharing at its heart, so it's easy to pass this template to someone like a colleague or a housemate, who's looking after the plants when you're away.

You can easily share it easily via 🔗 Secret Link, or 🖨️ print this document to ensure it's always at hand.

How to use this template

  • Create a folder called ‘Templates.’
  • Create this template document and give it a title, not forgetting to add ‘template’ to make it easy to find, later.
  • Add relevant content, curate an experience that looks beautiful.
  • You are ready to share!

Extend your houseplant care template

Craft uses Cards, so it’s easy-peasy to organize all your notes about caring for your indoor plants in one place, which looks beautiful. You can create Cards for as many different plants as you could possibly fit into your home or workspace.

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