In person one-on-one meeting agenda template in Craft showing instructions, and introduction and review previews actions sections.

In-person one-on-one meeting agenda

Run an effective and impactful in-person one-on-one meetings with this agenda template. Try it to maximize productivity, encourage in-depth discussions, and achieve actionable results.

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What is an in-person one-on-one meeting?

An in-person one-on-one meeting is a focused conversation between two individuals, often a manager and an employee, designed to discuss a range of topics. It could cover everything from individual performance and career development to project updates and potential roadblocks. They are far removed from the dynamics of larger team meetings or impersonal email chains as these focused discussions are an opportunity for open dialogue, tailored feedback, and detailed conversations about roles, challenges, and future opportunities.

What's in this template

Our agenda template for an in-person one-on-one meeting takes you through crucial talking points, ensuring nothing important slips through the cracks. Key sections include:

  • Check-in on well-being: A moment to discuss work-life balance and personal well-being.
  • Role & responsibilities clarification: A segment to ensure everyone is on the same page about job roles and resources.
  • Feedback & growth: A two-way conversation about performance and professional development.
  • Obstacles & challenges: Identifying and discussing current roadblocks and possible solutions.
  • Future projects & goals: Setting expectations and objectives for the immediate future.

 Make an impact

In-person one-on-one meetings hold a wealth of benefits. Not only do they encourage a culture of open communication, but they also provide a valuable platform for mutual feedback and growth. These sessions foster a sense of individual value, and team members are likely to leave the meeting with a better understanding of their goals and how to achieve them.

Our in-person one-on-one meeting agenda template is designed to be impactful and relevant, making it an indispensable tool for effective communication. It’s more than just a series of talking points; it's a roadmap for a meaningful discussion that captures the essentials and leaves room for the unexpected. As you go through each section, you're creating a conversational environment that builds trust and promotes a shared sense of purpose. By following a carefully crafted agenda, you not only ensure a focused and productive discussion but also create an opportunity for collaboration and input. Share the agenda with your team member ahead of time and invite them to contribute their own talking points for the meeting.

Capture actionable insights with our structured in-person one-on-one meeting notes template for future reference.

Get started

Consider trying out our template for yourself. It's a straightforward layout and insightful prompts will help you conduct a meeting that's not only productive but also personally enriching for everyone involved.

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