Lean coffee meeting agenda template in Craft.

Lean coffee meeting agenda

Elevate your team meetings with our lean coffee meeting template, designed for effective, engaging, and productive discussions.

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Optimize your team meeting's efficiency with our lean coffee meeting agenda template

This customizable lean coffee meeting agenda template is designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your team meetings. It's an essential tool for facilitating open, democratic discussions and decision-making, ensuring your remote or hybrid team meetings are as productive as possible.

What's inside this lean coffee meeting template?

  • Opening: Set a welcoming tone and explain the lean coffee format, making sure that everyone's clear on the meeting’s purpose.
  • Generate topics: Encourage participants to propose discussion topics. Emphasize the need for brevity and clarity.
  • Topic selection: Display all topics, use a voting system to prioritize, and select the most relevant for discussion.
  • Discuss selected topics: Start with the top-voted topic, use timed discussions to maintain focus, and aim to generate valuable insights.
  • Rotate or continue: Decide whether to delve deeper into the current topic or move to the next, based on group consensus.
  • Action items and next steps: Summarize key points, identify actionable tasks, assign responsibilities, and set deadlines.
  • Wrap-up and closing remarks: Show appreciation for participation and contributions, and schedule the next meeting.

Benefits of using this lean coffee meeting agenda template

  • Enhance collaboration: By involving everyone in the topic selection process, running lean coffee meetings with this template ensures a democratic and inclusive meeting environment —  fostering a sense of ownership and engagement among all participants.
  • Streamline discussions: The structured approach keeps the meeting focused and time-efficient, maximizing productivity, which is crucial for teams with limited time and resources.
  • Drive action-oriented outcomes: Clear identification of action items and responsibilities ensures that discussions translate into tangible results, driving progress and accountability within the team.
  • Adaptable to all team needs: The flexible format of this agenda template makes it suitable for a wide range of teams and meeting objectives, providing a versatile solution that can be tailored to the specific needs of your business.
  • Increase engagement: The interactive nature of the lean coffee format keeps participants engaged and invested in the meeting’s outcomes, leading to more dynamic discussions and innovative ideas.

To maximize the impact of your lean coffee meetings, don't forget to document the outcomes with this lean coffee meeting notes template.

Get started

Get started on planning your next lean coffee meeting with this agenda template to transform your team meetings into dynamic, focused, and productive sessions. Experience an improvement in the quality and effectiveness of your team meetings today!

Learn more about running productive and efficient lean coffee meetings in our comprehensive guide.

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