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About this Lessons Learned Template

The Lessons Learned Template is an invaluable tool for any organization. It is a way to capture the knowledge and experiences of employees, teams, and projects in order to create a more effective and efficient workplace.

The template helps to document the successes and failures of a project, allowing for better decision-making in the future. It also helps to identify areas that need improvement and encourages collaboration between team members.

When using the template, it is important to be clear about the objectives of the project and the desired outcomes. This will help to ensure that the template is used effectively and that the lessons learned are accurately captured.

It should include:

  • Project Overview: The purpose of the project and the project goals.
  • Lessons Learned: This is typically split into what went well and what didn't go well.
  • Recommendations: Suggestions for improvement or changes to be made based on the lessons learned.

What is a Lessons Learned Template?

A Lessons Learned template is to be used in the at the end of a project when you review the deliverables and reflect on the quality of the project based on its original objective.

It is used to document successes, areas of improvement, and best practices that can be used in the future. This template is designed to help organizations and teams document, track, and share their learnings over time. By utilizing a Lessons Learned Template, teams can quickly and easily identify what worked and what didn’t, as well as any potential areas for improvement.

When to use a Lessons Learned Template?

Lessons learned templates are best used when a project is nearing completion, or when a project has been completed and you want to reflect on the successes and challenges you experienced.

Using a lessons learned template will help you identify areas for improvement and recognize successes, so that you can apply your findings to future projects.

How to use a Lessons Learned Template

  • Start by completing the project information at the top of the template which includes the Project Name, Project Manager and Project Overview.
  • In the “What went well?” section, reflect about the positive aspects of the project. What pleasantly surprised you? What process worked better than you expected? What actions should you repeat again?
  • In the “What didn’t go well?” section, think about some of the aspects of the project that could be improved next time. Were there any delays to the project? What caused them? How might you minimize the chance of problems occurring in future projects?
  • Finally, complete the section for recommendations. These can be clear recommendations based on the two sections above, or perhaps other suggestions that you thought of during the reflection process.

FAQ About the Lessons Learned Template

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