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LinkedIn content marketing template

Boost your LinkedIn success with our expertly structured and easy-to-navigate template. Learn to plan and schedule engaging content, and monitor it's performance all in one space. Perfect for anyone looking to improve their LinkedIn game.

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Take your LinkedIn game to the next level with our comprehensive LinkedIn content marketing template. Perfect for businesses and individual marketers, this template is your roadmap to effective LinkedIn strategy. With an organized structure, you’ll find it effortless to plan, strategize, and schedule your LinkedIn content — all in one doc. And don’t worry if you're not a LinkedIn pro; we’ve included plenty of tips to guide you every step of the way.


What's in this template:

All-in-one planning tool: No more multiple tabs and scattered notes. This template allows you to strategize, plan, and schedule your LinkedIn content, as well as track its performance — all in one doc.

Organized structure with cards and subpages: Navigate effortlessly through your LinkedIn planning with our card-based layout. From strategy cards to scheduling subpages, everything is designed to keep your content planning seamless and organized.

Audience personas section: Get to know your audience like professional marketers do. Our template includes designated sections for outlining your target personas, making sure your content resonates with the right people.

Keyword research table: Elevate your SEO game with a keyword research table. You can list relevant keywords, their difficulty, and ranking potential to optimize your LinkedIn posts for search.

Posting schedule: Never miss a beat with our detailed posting schedule. Know what's going out when, so you can focus on creating high-quality content that engages and converts.


Make an impact:

Expert advice and insights: Benefit from our insightful tips and best practices included in this template that guides you in creating a LinkedIn Content Marketing plan aligned with your overall marketing strategy.

User-friendly and customizable: We know that not every LinkedIn strategy is the same. That's why our template is not just easy to use but also flexible. Fill it with your unique content, insights, and data to make it truly your own.

Analytics tracking: The key to improvement is understanding performance. With our Metrics & Analytics tables, you'll be able to track engagement and reach, enabling you to fine-tune your strategy over time. 

Easy collaboration: Whether you're a team of one or one hundred, our template makes collaboration easy. Assign tasks, leave comments, and ensure everyone is aligned toward achieving your LinkedIn marketing goals. Find out more about how to share this template in this Quick Tip video.


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