Mad sad glad retrospective

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What is a mad, sad, glad retrospective?

A Mad, Sad, Glad Retrospective is an efficient feedback tool rooted in Agile methodologies. It encourages team members to categorize their experiences into three emotional responses — mad for the frustrating elements, sad for the disappointing aspects, and glad for the satisfying moments. This simplistic yet profound system fosters open dialogue, revealing key insights about team performance and potential improvements.

When to use a mad, sad, glad retrospective

This tool is ideal for product teams conducting sprint retrospectives, project teams wrapping up a milestone, or any group seeking to reflect on their recent experiences. Use it after major projects or sprints to foster an atmosphere of transparency, helping your team ideate better, align on shared goals, and execute tasks with higher efficiency.

How to use a mad, sad, glad retrospective

1. Prepare: Set up a safe, open environment and distribute the Mad, Sad, Glad template to each team member.

2. Reflect: Ask team members to independently jot down their experiences under the Mad, Sad, and Glad categories related to the recent project or sprint.

3. Discuss: Gather the team and facilitate a discussion on each point listed, aiming to understand different perspectives and feelings.

4. Action Plan: Together, derive actionable strategies to reduce Mad and Sad factors and increase Glad factors in future work.

FAQ About the Mad sad glad retrospective Template

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