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What is a mad, sad, glad retrospective meeting?

A mad, sad, glad retrospective meeting is a valuable team assessment approach that helps teams reflect on recent projects or sprints. In simple terms, it's a method for team members to express their feelings and observations about:

  • What frustrated or irritated them during the project (mad)
  • What disappointed or upset them (sad)
  • And what brought them satisfaction or happiness (glad). 

This process is essential for fostering open communication and continuous improvement within a team. Taking notes during these meetings is crucial to capture insights, track progress, and ensure that action items are addressed promptly.

Tips for writing good mad, sad, glad meeting notes

1. Be specific: When recording mad, sad, or glad aspects, it's crucial to offer specific and tangible examples, providing a clear illustration of the context surrounding each point. These specific details are essential for the team to grasp the issues effectively and address them.

2. Stay concise: Keep your notes succinct and to the point and avoid using unnecessarily technical language or jargon that might alienate team members. The objective here is to ensure that everyone on the team can easily grasp the content of the notes. A concise note not only saves time but also ensures that the essence of the issue or solution is crystal clear.

3. Focus on actionable insights: While discussing each point, put a spotlight on actionable strategies for improvement. Instead of merely dwelling on problems or disappointments, channel the conversation towards identifying solutions and opportunities for enhancement. This proactive approach not only bolsters team morale but also propels the team toward positive change and growth.

4. Encourage participation: In the spirit of inclusivity, encourage every team member to actively participate in the mad, sad, glad discussion. Each person's viewpoint is a valuable piece of the puzzle. Diverse perspectives can uncover hidden insights and spark innovative solutions. By fostering an environment where everyone feels heard, you maximize the potential for holistic improvement.

5. Regularly review and reflect: Cultivate the habit of revisiting your mad, sad, glad notes during subsequent retrospective meetings. Tracking progress is just as crucial as identifying initial issues. These notes serve as a roadmap for your team's growth journey. Reflecting on past challenges and successes allows your team to continually fine-tune its strategies and build upon previous achievements.

What's in this template?

  • Mad: Record what frustrated team members.
  • Sad: Document instances of disappointment.
  • Glad: Capture moments of satisfaction.
  • Discussion points: Explore and understand perspectives.
  • Actionable strategies: Develop plans for improvement.

We encourage you to use this mad, sad, glad retrospective meeting notes template for your team's next self-assessment. By fostering open communication and focusing on actionable strategies, you can improve collaboration and project outcomes. Remember, the key to success is not just identifying issues but also working together to make positive changes.

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