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Screenshot of Craft’s Marketing Service Level Agreement (SLA), showing the “Service description” section.

Marketing service level agreement (SLA)

Navigate your marketing partnerships with ease using our Marketing Service Level Agreement template. Find out how to set clear expectations, track performance, and resolve conflicts seamlessly.

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When it comes to the relationship between a marketing provider and their client, setting clear expectations and guidelines is a must. That's where a Marketing Service Level Agreement (SLA) comes in. Our template can be your first step toward establishing a harmonious and productive partnership, saving you time, eliminating misunderstandings, and enhancing overall performance.

What is a marketing SLA?

A marketing SLA, or Service Level Agreement, is a formal contract between a marketing department and its internal or external stakeholders. It defines the expectations and responsibilities of the marketing team, detailing the standards and metrics by which their work is measured. This includes specific deliverables, performance criteria, timelines, and the quality of work to ensure alignment on objectives and accountability in the marketing process.

Key components of this marketing SLA template

  1. Comprehensive service outline: This section encapsulates the essence of the marketing services provided, including digital marketing, content creation, SEO, and social media management, clearly defining the scope to align expectations.
  2. Metrics and accountability: Establishes clear benchmarks for success such as lead generation, website traffic, and conversion rates, ensuring both parties are accountable for measurable outcomes with predefined KPIs.
  3. Timelines and milestones: Details critical deadlines and milestones for service delivery, ensuring a shared understanding of the project timeline, which is essential for maintaining momentum and meeting marketing objectives.
  4. Roles, communication, and resources: Combines the roles and responsibilities of each party, the communication cadence, and resource allocation into one holistic section to ensure clarity in operations, regular engagement, and efficient use of budget and personnel.
  5. Governance and evolution: Outlines the procedures for regular performance reviews, conflict resolution, and the terms under which the agreement can be terminated or adapted, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and responsible management of the partnership.

Why are marketing SLAs important?

Marketing SLAs set clear expectations for both service providers and clients, outlining what services will be delivered, how performance will be measured, and who is responsible for each task. This clarity is key to preventing misunderstandings that can arise when the scope of work and desired outcomes aren't well-defined from the start. A lack of SLAs can lead to confusion over roles, mismatched goals, and disappointment if marketing efforts don’t meet the client's expectations.

They also provide a framework for accountability, enabling both parties to remain on the same page throughout the duration of the project. When issues do arise, an SLA offers a predefined process for addressing them, helping to maintain a positive working relationship and keeping projects on track. In essence, SLAs are a straightforward way to manage the working relationship and ensure that both parties are satisfied with the partnership.

Ready to kickstart your next partnership?

If you’re providing a marketing service to customers, an SLA really is a must to make sure the agreement goes as smoothly as possible. Give our Marketing SLA template a try to communicate expectations and responsibilities clearly - leading to better customer relationships and more satisfied customers.

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