Mind map meeting notes template in Craft showing instructions, and central topic section.

Mind map meeting notes

Unlock productive brainstorming with this mind map meeting notes template, and ensure your meeting notes are clear, and actionable.

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What is a mind map meeting?

A mind map meeting is a unique approach to brainstorming and problem-solving where you visually map out your ideas and discussion points. Instead of simply listing new ideas and concepts, a mind map allows you to create a dynamic, branching tree of related topics. The goal is to make thinking more flexible and discussions more productive. Taking notes during these meetings is essential. Capturing the connections and ideas that your team identifies during the meeting will help remind everyone what was discussed and give you a point of reference going forward.

Tips for writing good mind map meeting notes

Here are five tips to help you make the most of your Mind Map Meeting notes:

Start with your central topic: When taking notes, clearly indicate the central topic at the top of your document. This serves as your reference point and helps you organize information around it effectively.

Prioritize main branches: Before diving into the sub-branches, make sure your main branches are well-defined. These are the pillars of your discussion and should align closely with your central topic.

Visual elements are your friend: Since you're already adopting a more visual approach, don't shy away from using colors, icons, or images to make your notes more engaging and easier to understand.

Capture insights as they happen: Don't wait for the "Insights & Observations" section to note down key takeaways. As the meeting progresses, add them under the relevant branches to maintain context.

Designate a section for action items: Towards the end of your notes, make sure to clearly mark a section for next steps and action items. List these along with the responsible team members to ensure that everyone knows their tasks.

What's in this template?

Our template includes the following customizable sections that are designed to streamline your meeting note-taking experience:

  • Central topic: A focused point of discussion to revolve your mind map around.
  • Main branches: Defined primary pillars for exploration that inform and guide the mind map meeting.
  • Sub-branches: Detailed secondary branches that stem from the main branches.
  • Insights & observations: A section for unique findings and key takeaways from the meeting.
  • Next steps: A clear action plan with responsibilities assigned to relevant team members.

If you're looking for an organized yet flexible way to capture the essence of complex discussions, try out our Mind Map Meeting Notes Template. By efficiently capturing the ideas, discussion points, and key takeaways from your meeting, you set the stage for more effective collaboration and actionable outcomes. Give this template a go in your upcoming meeting, and experience its benefits first-hand

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