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What is a Movie Tracker template?

The Movie Tracker template was designed by Gary Meacher, from the Craft community, to help you organize your cinematic experiences and aspirations. Whether you're a casual viewer or an avid film aficionado, this template lets you meticulously track the movies you've watched and categorize the ones you plan to watch. Unlike mainstream movie tracking apps or websites, this template gives you the opportunity to customize your movie tracker and have it exactly how you want.

When to use a Movie Tracker template

If any of the following describes you, this template is for you:

1. You find yourself constantly updating lists of "Movies to Watch" across various platforms or devices.

2. You have specific movie-watching goals, like catching up on film classics, completing a particular franchise, or watching all the movies by a certain director.

3. You're overwhelmed by movie suggestions from friends and critics, and you need a singular place to store these recommendations.

4. You're interested in tracking your emotional or intellectual responses to movies for self-reflection or discussions.

So many of us love watching movies and a movie tracker template is a great way to add a little structure to that process.

How to use this Movie Tracker template

Define your goal

Why do you want to track movies in the first place? Do you have a certain number of movies you want to see? Do you have a deadline for when you want to see these movies by? Think clearly about what you want to get out of this template.

Decide what to track

Once you know your goal, you can decide what information you want to track. Gary’s most interested in certain types of movie such as Kaiju movies or Oscar Winners, so he tracks the genre, rating, movie title and IMDb link. Depending on your goals, you might have other data you want to track instead. Perhaps movies with a particular actor, from a particular decade, or with a particular director.

Log your impressions

After watching, take a moment to jot down your thoughts or rate the movie. Did it move you emotionally? Was it intellectually stimulating? Capturing these impressions will make your movie-watching experience more engaging and personally enriching. Use the Reviews section to note your thoughts about each movie.

Include recommendations and sources

If your friends are as mad about movies as you are, you’re probably inundated with movie recommendations. If this sounds like you, add an extra column to your table to keep a record of who recommended which movie. Get the conversation started: share your movie summary with friends afterwards and discuss what you liked/didn’t like.

FAQ About the Movie Tracker Template

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