Weekly 1 one 1 meeting template in Craft

One-on-one meeting agenda

Streamline weekly check-ins and foster a productive, engaged team with this one on one meeting template.

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What is a one-on-one meeting?

A weekly one-on-one meeting is a structured dialogue between two individuals, often a manager and an employee. It serves as a dedicated space to foster open communication, address concerns, set goals, and discuss progress, challenges, and development opportunities.

What this template contains

Our agenda template for weekly one-on-one meetings includes sections for:

  • Personal well-being check-in: Assess your emotional state and work-life balance.
  • A review of the past week: Celebrate achievements, address concerns, and reflect on any feedback from the last week.
  • Planning: Set priorities and discuss support or resources needed for the coming week.
  • Other topics: An open floor for discussing anything else that needs attention.

Making an impact

One-on-one meetings are fundamental for effective management and team collaboration. They provide a platform for managers to align individual goals with organizational objectives, ensuring that everyone is working towards common targets, fostering teamwork, and boosting overall employee engagement.

These meetings not only improve communication but also contribute to a sense of inclusion within the team. When employees know that their voices are heard and their concerns are taken seriously in these one-on-one meetings, it encourages a sense of belonging and motivation. This feeling of being valued and part of a collaborative environment goes a long way in enhancing overall team morale and productivity.

Strengthen team collaboration with this weekly one-on-one meeting notes template that recap discussions and decisions.

Improve your weekly one-on-one

This template streamlines your one-on-one conversations, making them more impactful and organized. It serves as a practical tool for meaningful discussions, helping you build trust and drive personal and professional development.

Use this template to guide your next weekly one-on-one meeting and experience the benefits of a more organized, focused, and impactful discussion.

FAQ About the One-on-one meeting agenda Template

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