Podcast Tracker Template Preview

Podcast Tracker

Keep track of the podcast episodes you're listening to using this handy podcast tracker.

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About this Podcast Tracker Template

This podcast tracker is perfect for keeping track of the podcast episodes you’re listening to. There’s space for tracking episode numbers, release dates, and notes about each episode. For those who like to listen to podcasts as a way of learning new things, it can be a great way to record those lessons and note anything thought-provoking.

What is a Podcast Tracker?

A podcast tracker is simply a way to keep on top of all the podcast episodes you’ve listened. It’s easy to completely forget about a podcast episode once you’ve listened to is, so a podcast tracker is a great way to take notes that can continue to be referred to over time.

When to use a Podcast Tracker

A podcast tracker is great for anyone who wants to keep a record of the podcast episodes they’re listening to. More often than not, people listen to podcasts whilst out and about or doing chores around the house. This podcast tracker works on our iPhone and iPad Apps and on the Mac/PC which means it’s easy to record what you’re listening to no matter where you are.

How to use the Podcast Tracker

  • Whenever you listen to a new episode, you can create a new row of the podcast tracker and create a notes page to record your listening notes. Then, keep a note whenever you hear of anything that catches your attention. These might be tips/advice that’s applicable in your life, stories/references you want to look-up later, or anything else that makes you curious.
  • Over time, you’ll build up a collection of notes of things you’ve learned from podcast which can be referred back to.


FAQ About the Podcast Tracker Template

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