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Keep all your press coverage in one place so it's easy to find later.

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This Press Coverage Template is a convenient place to store all references to you or your brand in the press. Keeping all your press coverage in one location means it’s easy to refer back to it and re-use it again in future.

What is Press Coverage?

Press coverage refers to the media attention, usually in the form of feature articles and interviews, that an individual or organization receives. Press coverage typically appears in newspapers, magazines, radio and television programs, and online media. Press coverage is beneficial to businesses and individuals as it can be used to increase brand visibility, communicate messages, and shape public opinion.

When to use this Press Coverage Template

This template can be used to track press coverage for any individual or organization. It is particularly useful for businesses that are marketing their brand or products in the press, such as when launching a new product or running a press campaign. This template can also be used to keep track of any press awards or recognitions that a company or individual has received.

Also, if you are actively working on PR campaigns to put your business in the press, this can be a useful way of tracking the success of those campaigns.

How to use the Press Coverage Template

  • Start adding links whenever you or your brand is featured in the media. This might include a link to the website or even photos/videos if your press coverage was in traditional media like TV or newspapers.
  • We found it useful to separate media coverage out by the year it was published. You might decide to separate it by topic or type of media instead.
  • Once the list gets long enough you might want to use Cards to break it down further. Cards are a great way to lay out your document in an organized and beautiful way.

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