Product roadmap meeting agenda template in Craft showing instructions, opening, and product updates sections.

Product roadmap meeting agenda

Make better product decisions with our product roadmap meeting agenda template. Stay focused, keep your team aligned, and effectively define your product's future.

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What is a product roadmap meeting?

A product roadmap meeting is a collaborative session where your team and the stakeholders come together to plan and discuss the future direction of the product. It's an opportunity for everyone involved to align on the vision, set priorities, and define goals and milestones that will guide the development process. It's also a chance for your team to review progress, tackle potential challenges, and make sure everyone is on the same page regarding the product's evolution.

What are the benefits of a product roadmap meeting agenda?

Staying on target: This agenda template helps you keep your product roadmap meeting productive. It starts with clearly outlining goals and objectives and has an allocated amount of time for each stage. This way it's easy to keep your team focused on the meeting goals, making for a more insightful discussion.

Informed decision-making: With a well-defined agenda you can methodically work through each stage of the meeting, collecting feedback and insights along the way. This approach helps your team make truly informed decisions regarding the future of your product.

More productive discussions: Sharing this meeting agenda in advance communicates to your team what the meeting will cover, and what are its main objectives. This helps maintain a more focused discussion, as everyone can come prepared to contribute something valuable.

What's in the template?

  • Opening (5 minutes): Start with a brief introduction that outlines the meeting's aims and expected outcomes. Emphasize the importance of focused discussion and time management to keep the meeting productive.
  • Previous product updates (10-15 minutes): Reflect on the developments since the last meeting, examining the impact of recent changes on the user experience and overall product performance. Acknowledge any unexpected results.
  • New data and feedback (10 minutes): Present recent customer feedback and data that could influence the product's direction. Consider new market trends, competitor activities, and other external variables that could affect strategic decisions.
  • Priorities and improvements (20 minutes): Discuss and prioritize possible new features and improvements based on the previous discussion. Consider user feedback and performance analytics to identify and plan what's next for the product.
  • Roadmap progression & adjustments (20 minutes): Evaluate the current roadmap's progression and deliberate on necessary updates or changes in direction. Adjust or reaffirm upcoming goals and delegate or reassess tasks and deadlines.
  • Open floor discussion (10 minutes): Open the floor for a brief discussion, giving everyone a chance to share their thoughts or voice concerns. This way you can be sure that everyone's voice is heard, and that your team understands the reasons behind any decisions and changes to the roadmap.
  • Conclusion & next steps (5 minutes): Summarize key decisions, clarify action items, assign responsibilities, and agree on the timing for the next check-in or product roadmap meeting.

For actionable outcomes, document your meeting with this product roadmap meeting notes template. 

Time to get started!

Transform your product roadmaps with more productive and impactful product roadmap meetings. Try this template today and streamline your development process, keep your team focused, and make more informed product decisions.

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