Reading Journal

This reading journal template is a great way to track your journey through the bookshelves. You may also surprise yourself with how far you go; a good read can be a voyage of personal discovery, too.


Making the time and space to read a book isn’t always easy, but lots of people find doing so is a rewarding experience.

Reading a good fiction book can set loose your imagination, as you take a ride with an author whose vision charms or intrigues you. Books like this have the power to transport you far away from everyday life.

Meanwhile, non-fiction books are routes to discovering new ideas, or getting up close with some of the most interesting people who ever lived, via their biographies or published works.

This reading journal template is a great way to track your journey through the bookshelves. You may also surprise yourself with how far you go; a good read can be a voyage of personal discovery, too.

What counts as material for this reading journal template?

Craft puts the joy back into writing. Capture your thoughts and feelings about the books you read in this reading journal template. Record which books you love or wouldn’t recommend to a friend, jot down thoughts for book reviews, and so much more. You can add photos of eye-catching covers, passages that jump off the page at you, and add personal notes.

This reading journal template is the perfect way to track a reading challenge, if you decide to set yourself a target. Let this template help you to keep yourself accountable to your reading goal.

Why use this reading journal template?

A good book has so much packed into its pages that there’s often quite literally not enough space for your own comments. But it is useful to keep notes, especially if you're reading an educational book. This is where this reading journal template is your ideal companion.

Add a photo of a paragraph you need to remember and your personal note about it, too. You have all the space you could need for capturing your reactions, ideas, and plenty else besides.

Craft makes it seamless to share this reading journal template because interactivity is built in. Share your journal with friends, family, or colleagues; who knows where it might lead! Your reading journal might even be the spark for a new book club.

You can easily 🖨️ print this document to ensure it's always at hand, or share it easily via 🔗 Secret Link.

How to use this reading journal template

  • Create a folder called ‘Templates.’
  • Create this template document and give it a title, not forgetting to add ‘template’ to make it easy to find, later.
  • Add relevant content, curate an experience that looks beautiful.
  • You are ready to share!

Extend your reading journal template

With this Craft template, you can use Cards to add extra sections to your reading journal, such as must-reads, new releases, and personal views. And of course, with Craft your reading journal looks beautiful.

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