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This template is perfect for keeping all your favorite recipes in one handy document. You can whip up a sweet, succulent, or spicy storm in the kitchen, whatever the occasion.


Meatballs in tomato sauce cooked just like you remember from childhood, cakes that are as fun to make as they’re scrumptious to eat, complicated cocktails that look wild and taste like it, too.

We all have our favorite dishes and drinks that we love prepared in a particular way that's perfect for us. The recipes we cherish bring joy to friends and loved ones, too.

That’s why Craft has made this template. It’s perfect for keeping all your favorite recipes in one handy document. You can whip up a sweet, succulent, or spicy storm in the kitchen, whatever the occasion.

What counts as a recipe?

It couldn’t be simpler. Do you have preparation instructions for the perfect salad, katsu curry, Christmas dinner, Thanksgiving meal, or any dish that you love to savour and share? Then it belongs in this template.

Is there a cookery book that’s been passed down in your family for decades, but that’s now showing its age? You can preserve its culinary treasures in a format that stays fresh, either by taking photos of its pages and uploading them to this template, or by writing downing the recipes. Of course, you can keep new adding new recipes as you discover them, too.

Why create a recipe collection with this template?

‘The first bite is with the eyes,’ according to the saying. That’s certainly the case with this template; Craft makes all your recipes look beautiful. Arrange your recipe collection in a way that looks as tasty as the dishes are to eat.

Unlike traditional recipe books, this template truly is a multimedia resource that's perfectly suited to the way we live today. It’s simple to add photos and videos to help during the preparation stage, or to lend a hand with complex elements like elaborate cake icing.

You can add as many yummy new recipes to your personal collection over time, or make this template a communal cookbook everyone can contribute to. It's easy to update the recipes and add as much new detail as you want, too. And because it's Craft, seamless sharing via 🔗 Secret Link comes as standard.

You can also easily 🖨️ print this document, if you want to.

How to use this recipe collection template

  • Create a folder called ‘Templates.’
  • Create this template document and give it a title, not forgetting to add ‘template’ to make it easy to find, later.
  • Add relevant content, curate an experience that looks beautiful.
  • You are ready to share!

Extend your recipe collection template

This template offers space for as many recipes as you're ever likely to need. Craft uses Cards, which means it’s easy-peasy to organize different recipe sets in their own place, so they're simple to find and beautiful to look at.

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