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Restaurant Wishlist

Take the stress out of choosing where to eat, with this restaurant wish list template. Create your own bespoke list of must-try restaurants you can access and update easily, any time.

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Restaurant Wishlist Template

Sometimes, you don’t feel like cooking at home, or perhaps you just want to enjoy a dining-out experience. But selecting the right restaurant can be difficult when there's often so much choice. It's easy to spend more time browsing menus than enjoying a delicious meal.

Take the stress out of choosing where to eat, with this restaurant wishlist template. Create your own bespoke list of must-try restaurants you can access and update easily, any time.

Make a note of new eateries in your neighborhood before you forget them, or where to go for a tasty local meal when on holiday or a weekend break.

Build a wish list over time of great places to eat, like elite Michelin-starred restaurants you want to sample just that once - even if the prices make your bank account weep.

It’s also seamless to share this template with others; for when friends, family members, or colleagues need inspiration, too.

What should I add to the Restaurant Wishlist template?

Easily make a note when you discover a new restaurant you want to try, or where to get the best version in town of a dish you love. Add photos of your meals and links to online menus and location information.

Capture the small details which add up to a special dining experience; from how they garnish a meal, to the interior design which makes a venue an ‘Insta-perfect’ setting, which stands out on your socials.

This template is also the perfect place for storing relevant material in one central location, which is convenient if you want to organize material for your foodie blog or a YouTube channel.

Why use this Restaurant Wishlist template?

Craft empowers you to work the way you want, meaning this template is versatile. It can be as simple or as complex as you need. Some restaurant apps bundle together personal guides with cookbooks and meals, which can make using them less convenient and more complicated. Not with this template. Craft offers seamless functionality and intuitive design. Using this template is easy-peasy.

You can share your restaurant wish list template with anyone, even if they don’t use Craft. This functionality is useful if you’re the food expert in your family or social circle, whom people turn to for tips about where’s good to eat. Share it easily via 🔗 Secret Link.

You can also 🖨️ print this document or any page of it to ensure it's always at hand

Extend your Restaurant Wishlist template

This template uses cards which makes your writing more visually compelling. Create separate lists for different locations, or by the type of cuisine. You can create a target list of new restaurants which serve up unusual twists on traditional dishes, alongside a directory of local restaurants that specialize in the comfort food you love.

How to use this Restaurant Wishlist template

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  • Edit the template to make it your own

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