Team healtcheck meeting notes template in Craft showing instruction and the team's goals and objectives section with instructions.

Team health check meeting notes

Document insights into your team's health with these team healthcheck meeting notes. Never miss important details, and ensure your notes are actionable.

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What is a team health check meeting?

A team health check meeting is a dedicated session where team members come together to assess and discuss various aspects of their team's functioning and well-being. The goal of these meetings is to identify strengths and areas for improvement within the team’s processes, dynamics, and overall health. It's crucial to take notes during these meetings, as it ensures that insights, discussions, and action items are accurately captured and tracked. That way they can be effectively communicated and revisited after the meeting.

Kickstart your meeting preparation with our health check meeting agenda. 

Tips for writing good team health check meeting notes

Focus on objectivity: Ensure that the notes taken during a team health check meeting are objective, clear, and factual. Try to capture the essence of discussions and feedback without infusing personal interpretations or biases.

Detailing is key: Given that during these meetings team members discuss various topics like team morale, objectives, and feedback —  ensure that the notes are detailed enough to encapsulate the diversity and depth of the discussions.

Organize information clearly: Structure the notes in a way that allows information to flow logically. Categorize under headings such as ‘team’s goals and objectives’, ‘team morale and well-being’, and ‘feedback’ to improve readability.

Highlight action items: List action items, responsibilities, and deadlines that are agreed upon during the meeting — ensuring that they are easily identifiable, and don't get lost in the bulk of information.

Ensure confidentiality: Given the personal nature of the discussions, ensure that the notes maintain a level of confidentiality and sensitivity to promote an open and honest discussion.

What's in this template?

Customizable sections: This health check meeting notes template is fully customizable, allowing you to make adjustments to suit the unique needs of each meeting.

  • Team's goals and objectives: Captures detailed discussions on the team's aspirations and areas they want to focus on.
  • Team morale and well-being: Summary of key points regarding team members' feelings and challenges they are facing.
  • Feedback: A segment concentrating on individual feedback from team members on various aspects like ownership, value, and communication.
  • Discussion and activities: Summarizes main points of discussions, activities, and outcomes or consensus reached.
  • Improvement ideas: A list of ideas proposed by the team for improving workflows and processes.
  • Action planning: An agreed list of follow-up action items, including responsibilities assigned.

Useful tips and advice: This template contains practical tips and examples to guide you in capturing comprehensive and useful meeting notes.

With this template, you'll be sure that no critical information discussed in your health check meeting is lost — and actionable insights are clearly documented and followed up on. Try it out for yourself. Don’t forget to distribute it to your team for them to refer back to afterward and watch your meetings make a real impact.


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