Free Team Reading List Template

Team Reading List

Having a list at work of mind expanding books can inspire colleagues and boost their skills. Use this template to create a shared list inside your organization.

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Team Reading List Template

‘Reading furnishes the mind’ a smart person once said. Having a list at work of mind-expanding books can inspire colleagues and boost their skills. A reading list of relevant titles helps to promote learning, better-informed decision-making, and a culture of professional development that’s ultimately good for business, and people’s well-being.

Of course, a lot depends upon which books are on a reading list. But if colleagues are sharing and consuming similar materials at work, then they’re more likely to be ‘on the same page,’ which can help foster effective collaboration. That's good news, because as another quote puts it, 'teamwork makes the dream work.'

What goes on a team reading list?

Books that focus on the industry in which your company operates, are an obvious pick for this reading list.

Is there a new concept about how to do business that promises to boost your team’s workflow? Add it to this reading list and you make it easy for colleagues to discover it, discuss whether it’s a good fit, and any possible ways to optimize it for their working environment.

Did a high-profile figure in your sector recently drop a new autobiography? It might be full of golden nuggets of information that deepen colleagues’ understanding of their work and also serve to inspire them.

Why create a team reading list with this template?

It’s good to stay up-to-date with the latest thinking and practice about the work your team does. There’s a wealth of books for professionals out there, covering all sorts of different sectors and industries, including your own. There are also many titles about professional growth, interesting new concepts and theories, and lots of other topics.

In fact, the amount of choice on bookshop shelves and online, can seem a bit overwhelming! Where to even begin?

That's why this reading list template is so helpful. Compiling the pick of the bunch in one convenient place for your colleagues to discover, is a powerful way for people to surface relevant materials which they might otherwise miss.

Also, Craft makes it seamless to share this reading list template. It’s easy for colleagues to add their own recommendations, as this template has interactivity built into it. A shared reading list to which everyone can contribute is also a source of team bonding. It might even be the basis for a book club!

You can have this doc saved in your Craft Company Wiki (find out more about our company wiki template here), or share it easily via 🔗 Secret Link.

How to use this Team Reading List template

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