TV Tracker

Keep a record of the shows you've watched (or would like to watch) all in one place.

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About this TV Tracker

This TV tracker template is a great way to keep track of what you're watching. You can keep track of what TV series you’ve got on the go, how many episodes you’ve seen, and what percentage of the entire show you’ve seen so far. You can add TV shows you want to watch to keep them all in one place.

What is a TV Tracker?

A TV Tracker is a document that helps you keep track of all the different TV shows and episodes you are watching. It allows you to easily keep track of which episodes you have seen and which you have yet to watch. It calculates how much of the series you’ve seen so far and can help with the decision-making process for what to watch next.

When to use a TV Tracker

If you’re someone who likes to binge watch TV shows, then this TV tracker is for you. You can keep a record of all the shows you want to watch and your progress with each one. This can be really useful if you’re someone who likes to jump between shows keep a record of all your watching throughout the year.

How to use the TV Tracker Template

  • Go through the template and add each of the TV shows you’re watching or interested in watching. In the template, each TV show is represented as a new card. You can usually find out how many episodes per season online.
  • We used formulas to calculate what percentage of the series has been watched so far. This was calculated by using the =SUM formula to calculate the total number of minutes watched in the D column. Then, you can divide this figure by the total number of minutes in the series by using a similar =SUM formula in the C column.
  • You might like to expand your TV Tracker by adding a summary or review for each season.

FAQ About the TV Tracker Template

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