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Create a great UGC portfolio with this template designed for content creators. Showcase your best work and track brand engagement with Craft's analytics. No coding needed; just your unique talent on display.

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UGC stands for user-generated content. A great UGC portfolio lets content creators shine. This digital portfolio is your online showcase, presenting your best work to potential collaborators. But getting started with building your first UGC portfolio, or improving your current one to attract new clients, is not easy. You already know better than anyone what makes you unique and what value you bring to the table — so with a well-structured template, creating your UGC portfolio will be a piece of cake. Designed with the needs of modern brands in mind, this template helps you showcase exactly what potential clients might want to see, without the need for coding or website design skills.


What's in this template:

Show off your work: Add your best content, share some info about each project, and let brands see what you're all about. Whether it's pictures from your latest project or videos that capture your creative essence, you can add them easily. And, if you have content on YouTube, the template supports video embeds, making your work instantly viewable without leaving the page.

Organized sections: The card-based layout frames your story, from your signature projects to your stats. This allows you to prioritize key information at the forefront while keeping details easily accessible. That way brands immediately see the snapshot of what's most important, leaving them the option to dig deeper.

Professional digital portfolio structure: The portfolio template is structured much like a professional digital portfolio, ensuring a familiar and easy-to-follow format for viewers. It's tailored to present everything brands prioritize, from your personal brand statement, and professional journey, to specific collaborations, ensuring they get a complete picture of your qualifications and expertise.

Metrics and details at a glance: Use cards to highlight impressive stats, and easily categorize important details. You can demonstrate the impact of your work with engagement rates, follower counts, or campaign results.

Testimonials: Let others vouch for your expertise. This UGC portfolio template makes the testimonials from past collaborators, clients, and followers, stand out. Positive feedback and endorsements can significantly bolster your credibility, offering potential partners an external validation of your skills and impact.


Make an impact:

Showcase what brands care about: We've set up the UGC portfolio template to highlight what brands want to see. So, when they're looking for someone to partner with, they'll see right away that you understand what their needs are.

Show you're ready to collaborate: This UGC portfolio template is designed to shout out to brands and other creators that you're ready and excited to work together. It's all about showing that you're not just a creator, but a collaborator.

Helpful tips along the way: This template comes with tips and advice to help you present your work in the best possible way. Having a guide by your side, it's easy to make the most of your UGC portfolio.

Clear and easy to browse: We've made sure the template is easy on the eyes and simple to navigate. Brands can quickly find what they're looking for, whether it's a specific project you did or the kind of collaborations you're interested in.

Discover share analytics: Dive into Craft's share analytics to see who's exploring your portfolio and what they're focusing on. It allows you to find out which parts of your UGC portfolio grab attention and what might need a tweak. Use these insights to refine your portfolio, ensuring it resonates with potential collaborators and aligns with what brands are looking for. Find out more about how to view and use share analytics in this video.

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