User Interviews

Understand your customers better. Use this template to track insights from user interviews.

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About this User Interviews Template

This User Interviews Template is a great way to organize user interviews for your business or organization. It’s separated into several parts: an introduction, an interview script, and a space for actually taking notes from the interview itself.

What is a User Interview?

User interviews are important for gathering qualitative data about customer/user experiences and needs. They allow organizations to gain an in-depth understanding of customer behavior, motivations, and pain points that can be used to inform product designs, marketing campaigns, and customer service initiatives. User interviews also help organizations build relationships with customers, which can lead to improved customer loyalty and retention.

When to use a User Interview Template

A user interview template can be used any time a company wants to learn more about its customer base. It is particularly useful when launching a new product, creating a marketing campaign, or evaluating customer service initiatives. User interviews are also useful for gathering feedback on existing products or services in order to make improvements. Having user interviews on a regular basis helps to provide an ongoing understanding of customers and their needs.

How to use the User Interview Template

  • As you start planning your next batch of user interviews, you can complete the few questions at the top of the User Interview Template which help you clearly outline your goal for the interviews.
  • Open the Interview Script section and adapt it to your interviews. It’s good to have some clear questions prepared in advance that are aligned with your goals for the interview, although the best interviews leave plenty of space to be spontaneous and follow the user’s train of thought.
  • Collect your notes on each user in the final section of the template. Once your batch of interviews is complete, you might consider creating one additional section where you review everything you learned from the process and where you can report it back to the team.

FAQ About the User Interviews Template

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